What are the benefits of learning to code, and when should you start? 

By Anita Jaynes on 13 October, 2022

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You could say that the early the better, that’s probably right as the more time you have to craft a skill the better. However, this doesn’t mean it’s too late, coding can be picked up at any age and can help develop many skills. 

If you can start young, go for it! 

The sooner the better you can give yourself time to find out what you like without work and lifestyle commitments getting in the way. Believe it or not, when we say early, we mean pretty early, research shows that the best age to start coding would be around the age of 5 or 6 years, when in the cognitive stage of development. 

There are many things on offer to spark this interest aside from computers and beginners’ coding elements, many toys and games are on the market that allows children to work with STEM kits such as Lego Education to learn robotics and coding whilst still having fun. 

Just get started

You may have finished a college course as a young adult, or you may be middle-aged and working full-time. Either way, these skills can be picked up with dedication and access to a laptop. This is the beauty of learning to code you can start in the comfort of your environment. 

There are unlimited online resources that will help you start, many sites will usually recommend four different languages to start with, to name a few may come across: Python, JavaScript, MicroPython, and Java. Keep an eye out for these languages and find out what they are all about.

What are the benefits, aside from forming a potential career as a developer? 

  1. Coding is a universal language

Essentially code is code, and it is a transferable skill that can be used worldwide, it is a global language. This gives you the freedom to work with anyone in any country, unless you need to ask for a coffee then you may need to get some language lessons before you jet away. 

The connections are endless, and resources are at hand every turn you take, you can connect with people worldwide and there are many boot camps you can join to kick-start this interaction. 

  • It helps creativity blossom 

Once you understand how to code let’s say using PHP (hypertext Processor) to build a website, you may find that you start to come across CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). 

CSS is basically the artist behind the code, this element allows you to refine and create user-friendly websites by changing size and shapes or boxes, adding shadowing, and changing text. Being exposed to code will naturally introduce you to front-end development, where design and UX/UI come into play. 

  • Improve problem solving skills

Coding is not easy; you will find that stumble upon many different problems and challenges when learning. You have to break down the problem, re-read your code decide where you may have gone wrong. You will become methodical and find your way as everyone has different learning styles. 

You should try and find out how your brain is hardwired, are you a verbal learner, Visual Learner, Auditory Learner, or Kinaesthetic learner?  

If you are wondering what to do next, sometimes just starting is the best thing you can do to see if it is for you, make sure you try and learn read up on your learning styles, and learn the way that suits you. 

Developers are needed globally, and career if this is something you would consider would be a good path with plenty of progressions, so get mastering your craft and even just developing some core skills in the process and reap the benefits.