The Techies – Meet the winners

By Nick Batten on 27 July, 2023

Now in its sixth year and open for entries, The Techies is a Business Exchange award scheme that celebrates Swindon and Wiltshire’s most exciting tech innovators. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been catching up with some of the winners of the 2022 awards. 

Today we hear from Jane Lockwood and Rachel Pearce of Vysiion, a Chippenham-based supplier of both enterprise IT and critical network infrastructure.

Beating fellow finalist Black Nova Designs to pick up the ‘Best Tech Support Service’ award, the company impressed the judges with its ongoing surveillance of customer satisfaction, achieving industry-leading Net Promoter Scores. 

Jane and Rachel tell us more…

How did it feel to win the ‘Best Tech Support Service Award’ at the Techies 2022?

It was a wonderful moment for all of us. Customer service is hugely important at Vysiion – both as a company and for each of us as individuals, so it means a lot for everyone’s hard work to be acknowledged. Celebrating with our colleagues, the other nominees and the wider regional business community made for a rewarding and fun evening.

Tell us more about what you do

Jane: As Head of Customer Services, I manage a team of Customer Service Representatives and Service Managers. Our focus is on interfacing with current and prospective customers to explore their unique requirements, ensuring these are understood, communicated, and acted upon throughout Vysiion. This way, we are able to continually improve on our market-leading Net Promoter Score.

Rachel: I’m an Operational Service Centre Manager who heads up our local Operational Engineering team, providing technical support for customers’ networks. My team and I manage a variety of networks with different levels of operational complexity, ensuring technical issues and challenges are dealt with promptly and effectively, in line with our rigorous SLAs and service standards.

What have you been working on since winning?

Service quality is very much an ongoing process, so we’re never really done! The whole team are constantly looking for new ways to improve every aspect of what we do, then working with our colleagues to successfully implement those changes across the company. We have a growing range of customers from diverse sectors – including critical national infrastructure, central Government, local Government, utilities, defence, and many regional enterprise businesses – so it’s always busy here!

What are your plans for the coming months?

It’s all about taking our customers on a digital journey, which begins with a smooth onboarding process, where we can share more about Vysiion, the work we’re doing across different sectors, and what that means for them. Once we’ve established a strong working relationship, it’s a question of delivering better service for their end users and customers, while ensuring our technical support is second to none.

What would be your advice to anyone looking to enter the Techies?

Don’t be shy! It’s important to be proud of what you do and the value you bring to your customers, and the Techies are a great way to let your peers and potential customers know more about you. Plus, recognition is always a great feeling, so I’d say just go for it!

Have you made any new connections as a result of winning the award?

For sure… The Business Exchange and TechSpark are great vehicles for networking and are cultivating a wonderful network of technology professionals across the region. Their events have proven really useful for us in terms of reaching out to new contacts and fostering new relationships.

Are you using your award win in your marketing?

Yes. Now more than ever, building confidence and credibility with new customers is vitally important, and an award like this provides clear evidence that they’ll be working with a company who’re deeply committed to understanding and acting on their unique goals and requirements.

If The Business Exchange could help you share one message, what would it be?

Companies across all sectors are being challenged in ways that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. Too many are finding to their cost that their legacy infrastructure is leaving them unprepared for today’s technology and security challenges. But the digital transformation process doesn’t have to be nearly as stressful (or costly!) as many assume. With the support of the right technology partner, the development of a next-generation infrastructure – what we call ‘edge to core’ – is quite achievable and will put organisations in a good position to not only weather future challenges, but also embrace new opportunities and grow their businesses.

How can readers connect with you? 

Visit our website ( and connect with us on LinkedIn (

And if you’re ever at any future Business Exchange or TechSpark events, Vysiion team members will definitely be there, so come and say hello!

Enter the Techies Awards Swindon & Wiltshire online at:

Pictured above: The Vysiion Team at the 2022 Techies Awards