The Techies – Meet the winners

By Nick Batten on 20 July, 2023

Now in its sixth year and open for entries, The Techies is a Business Exchange award scheme that celebrates Swindon and Wiltshire’s most exciting tech innovators. 

Over the last few weeks, we have been catching up with some of the winners of the 2022 awards. 

On this occasion, award category sponsor Andy Cuff, CEO of Computer Network Defence (CND), speaks to Managing Director of MiTEQ, Alex Whiting. 

Founded by Alex in 2020, Chippenham-based MiTEQ provides an innovative approach to asset tracking management and mobility solutions for medium to large organisations. Beating fellow finalists Fluff Software and Good Talent, the company topped the ‘Best Tech Start-up’ category.

How did it feel to win the ‘Best Tech Start Up’ at the Techies 2022? 

It felt great. It was real validation for us and it’s also a nice positive message back to the rest of our staff that we are doing great things. 

Tell us more about what you do 

We are a provider of asset management and tracking solutions. We enable customers to track, manage and report on their assets by implementing various RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and IOT (Internet of Things) technologies. These assets can be anything from machinery to people – or food and home products. 

What have you been working on since winning? 

Quite a lot! I’d say the business has probably doubled over the last twelve months in terms of people and also projects we’re working on. A lot of the proof of concepts [preliminary trials] that we were carrying out in the early days are becoming bigger rollouts. 

I’d say by the end of the year we’d probably have three to four million assets that we are tracking worldwide for various customers.

What are your plans for the coming months? 

More of the same. We’re focusing on bringing a lot of the proof of concepts to life in a wider rollout and educating more businesses on how it helps them. Outside of that we are bringing a new solution to market – a self-check-out solution that allows retailers to create more contactless or frictionless experiences using RFID and barcode technology. We’ve also just formed a partnership with Confidex, a big manufacturer of RFID tags. 

What would be your advice to anyone looking to enter the Techies? 

Do it! As a business owner, that validation is great. In the awards, you go through a process of really standing back from your business and having to write down the good things that you’ve done. I think that process itself is really important. It’s also a good night! 

Have you made any new connections as a result of winning the award? 

They will build over time. We’re going to be working with CND [Computer Network Defence] who presented us with the award and also The Business Exchange and the South West Children’s Hospice. We were new to the awards but I think next time we’ll take more of an opportunity to speak to people about what they do and how they are doing it. 

Are you using your award win in your marketing? 

Definitely. We’re really proud of it. We posted about it when we won, and people often mention it when we speak to them. 

If CND could help you share one message, what would it be? 

I think that connecting more businesses at events like the Techies is important and could open more opportunities for smaller companies to get customers early on. So, more people should get involved. 

How can readers connect with you? 

Either via LinkedIn, through our website: or they can reach me on email at: 

Are you planning to enter the Techies again this year? 

Yes, we’re going to put a couple of entries forward and we’ve got a ‘tech superstar’ in our business that we want to celebrate.

Enter the Techies Awards Swindon & Wiltshire online at: or to find out more about sponsorship opportunities, email:

Pictured above: Andy Cuff, CEO, CND(centre) with Alex Whiting, MD, MiTEQ (right).