The Modern Office: Secure collaboration tools for everyone

By Anita Jaynes on 3 March, 2021

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With the growth of video conferencing and online interactions rather than face-to-face, many businesses have had to adapt and use new tools being offered to keep up with staff productivity and business success. Examples of some innovative tools being offered to businesses include:

  • Improved encryption and password protection for cloud-based video conferencing system.
  • New 3D technology in video conferencing to collaborate more effectively.
  • Advanced virtual reality features making video conferencing a more realistic and interpersonal experience as well as improving lighting and sound quality.

However, many companies are still using quick fixes instead of investing in the new tools available to them. This leaves businesses with unnecessary risks of data breach and security hacks when working remotely. Quick fixes in use could be any of the following:

  • Sharing video conferencing licenses.
  • Forwarding office numbers to employees’ personal mobile phones.
  • Using multiple different products that do not work well together.

The recommended solution for remote collaboration 

In a bid to prevent any risks to your business, we recommend the utilisation of Microsoft Teams and the collaboration apps within Microsoft 365.

Thanks to Impact IT Solutions, our clients have embedded Microsoft Teams into their culture. Microsoft Teams allows them to always stay connected; it houses all the capabilities they need daily and has become an important factor for getting every job done quickly, with certainty and excellence.

Impact IT Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has a long-standing relationship with the tech giant having supplied their on-premises and cloud products for many years. Impact’s team of Solution Architects focus on Microsoft cloud platform, cloud productivity, collaboration and content, mobility management, communication, and messaging. Impact IT place security of your systems at the very heart of the solution. Get the experts to implement the right solution so you can concentrate on what you do best, your business!

Top tips for using Microsoft Office 365 

  1. Sync your Office 365 using OneDrive.

It can get confusing when any number of your team are trying to work on one document and on various devices and versions. This can cause complications when trying to collaborate with your colleagues. With Office 365, you can sync all your group documents and files into one version using OneDrive and improve your productivity, letting OneDrive automatically update the document for your colleagues.

  1. Utilise security features.

Office 365 has added a new and improved security feature, making their collaboration tools more secure for users. There is now multi-factor authentication (MFA) and features such as Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). These features protect your business against ransomware attacks as well as ensuring business data stays within your business IT systems.

  1. Seamlessly collaborate and chat with coworkers

Microsoft Office 365 has made collaborating with your co-workers from anywhere, on any device, much easier. It is easy to seamlessly chat and video call anyone in the business through Microsoft Teams and share content in real-time. All documents being worked on will automatically be saved by the new auto-save feature across Office 365 tools, so there is no more risk of losing work.

These are just a few of the new and Innovative tools and features Microsoft Office 365 offer you and your business.

For more information about Microsoft Office 365 and the benefits that digital transformation can deliver for your business, click here to our Microsoft Office 365 Solutions page. Alternatively, please give us a call today to start your journey to the cloud. Call us on: 0117 20 20 200. Visit Impact IT Solutions online at: