The benefits of investing in CCTV for your business premises

By Anita Jaynes on 18 July, 2021

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Most businesses now have a data and Wi-Fi network with a fast internet connection, making the installation of CCTV a quick and effective security improvement. CCTV solutions have many beneficial factors and something most businesses should consider investing in.

Here are some of the benefits to having CCTV installed on your business premises:

1. Deterrent to theft and vandalism

If you have CCTV cameras installed around your premises, it will act as a deterrent to criminal activity. Many criminals will see you have surveillance and will be put off from committing any crime they were plotting.

The chances of criminal activity can be increased if your office is quieter and have little to no staff working in the office due to COVID-19. CCTV systems can help ease the risks and be your eyes on-site whilst staff are working remotely.

2. Reduces insurance premiums 

If you were to install CCTV cameras on-site, your insurance premiums are likely to be reduced. This is because there is a reduced risk of criminal activity, but you will also be able to provide picture evidence if needed. Insurers will appreciate this and will normally reward you with a lower premium.

3. Provides peace of mind 

If you are ever unfortunate to experience criminal damage or theft on your premises, the CCTV will work in your favour when providing evidence to insurance companies or law enforcement.

CCTV installation also helps to make your staff and customers feel safer and protected against any disputes or misconducts they may potentially experience on your premises. This is because it can be used to provide future evidence if needed.

4. Health and safety compliance 

It is vital to ensure your company is compliant with health and safety. CCTV systems will help you to monitor this further and easier. It can also quickly alert you to problems.

If there are any injury or incident reports carried out, it will allow you to identify how it happened and give you a better and more reliable understanding of the situation at hand. In addition, this can then be used to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Important to note: Before you can start thinking about CCTV, you should ensure your network is modernised and strong enough to support your new CCTV system. Without a reliable network, it will impact your CCTV quality and performance.

Not sure what CCTV cameras you need? 

Impact IT Solutions can consult with you on what the best cameras will be for your premises and advise on any specific features you may want, such as number plate or facial recognition.

Impact IT’s CCTV installations use PoE (power over ethernet), requiring only one cable to power the device and stream footage. All footage is then sent to an NVR (network video recorder) which is used to store and access the footage. We can supply a wide range of cameras, depending on the intended use (dome, bullet, fisheye and pan and tilt).

To find out more information about CCTV systems and installations, click here. Get in touch with Impact IT by calling 0117 2020 200 or email