Talking Techies – MiTEQ

By Ben Carey on 6 September, 2022

In the run-up to the Swindon & Wiltshire Techies, we’re continuing our conversations with some of the region’s best and brightest firms to find out more about them. 

From which superhero would your business be, to which tech could you not live without, we’ve posed some questions to help us get to know our friendly neighbourhood businesses.

Will Hamilton-Davies is Marketing Manager at MiTEQ – a company founded with the aspiration of bringing an innovative, holistic approach to asset tracking, management and mobility solutions. 

He shares his answers below…

NAME: Will Hamilton-Davies


SECTOR: Enterprise technology solutions

CAN YOU SUM UP WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES IN NO MORE THAN 10 WORDS? MiTEQ helps businesses integrate new technology to improve operational efficiency. 

CAN YOU SHARE A QUOTE WHICH MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU? One of my favourite quotes was actually from our MD, Alex Whiting. I was asking for Alex’s general approach to goal setting. Alex said, “more than zero and less than something unreasonable.”

Even though he was partly joking, I found those words helpful. Sometimes, when you’re making decisions and trying to work out whether an idea is a goer, simple questions can be the most useful: Is it going to get us closer to where we want to be? Are we being reasonable with our expectations?

Simplicity is key.

LOOKING AHEAD OVER THE NEXT DECADE, WHAT TECH DEVELOPMENTS EXCITE YOU? Given that we spend a lot of time exploring ‘what’s hot’ within the world of supply chains, I think that AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) that work hand-in-hand with workers to move assets between locations are exciting, largely because they are simultaneously improving worker safety and workflow efficiency.

I am also interested in blockchain applications that are empowering businesses with the tools to automate the tracking of carbon emissions. They can empower consumers with more knowledge about product origins and journeys.

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. A sense of community is something we really care about. It’s why we host events that bring like-minded business leaders together.

Recently, we hosted our first in-person technology day with Zebra Technologies, and our #GiveBack charities for 2022 have all been ones that are bettering the lives of families and bringing people together.

We care about our impact on a human level, and we want to be remembered for adding value in more than one way.

IF YOUR COMPANY WAS A SUPERHERO, WHICH ONE WOULD IT BE AND WHY? I’m not sure whether he qualifies as a superhero, but the team would kill me if I didn’t say Captain Kirk. We once edited a photo of our MD, Alex Whiting, to look like a MiTEQ version of Captain Kirk – his favourite Star Trek character.


MiTEQ posts regularly on social media: Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, and have recently launched a new series of video interviews on YouTube called Leaders in TEQ.