Talking Techies

By Ben Carey on 1 September, 2022

Ahead of the return of the Swindon & Wiltshire Techies, we’ve been chatting to some of the region’s best and brightest firms to find out more about them. 

From which superhero would your business be, to which tech could you live without, we’ve posed some questions to help us get to know our friendly neighbourhood businesses.

Graeme Leighfield is Managing Director of GEL Studios.

Combining great passion with a desire to help people, Graeme has built more than just a creative agency that produces award-winning work. It’s a place where clients know they’re in safe hands and where people know the creative boundaries are going to be pushed.

He shares his answers below…

NAME: Graeme Leighfield


SECTOR: Website design, Graphics and Marketing

CAN YOU SUM UP WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES IN NO MORE THAN 10 WORDS? We provide businesses with the tools to be successful online.

WHO IS YOUR TECH IDOL? Elon Musk. What really sets Elon apart is his dedication to pushing boundaries and making things better for everyone. He’s not just focused on making money, he sees himself as an innovator who wants to change the world for the better. His relentless drive for innovation has led him to create some truly incredible things like implantable brain computers and satellite Internet for people around the world. We even have a custom print produced by our designer Elisha depicting Elon’s famous quote: “Great Companies Are Built on Great Products”.

CAN YOU SHARE A QUOTE WHICH MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU? “Following’s not really my style.” – Tony Stark, The Avengers, 2012

This really encapsulates everything we do at GEL Studios. We like to do things differently and our clients expect that from us. You’ll never find us using ‘cookie-cutter’ templates, we always produce 100 per cent bespoke work.

LOOKING AHEAD OVER THE NEXT DECADE, WHAT TECH DEVELOPMENTS EXCITE YOU? I think the developments seen in neural interface technology are really exciting. For example, Neuralink is a new gadget that’s going to be surgically inserted into the brain using robotics by neurosurgeons.

I’m really excited about this development. Devices like Neuralink will change the way we interact with technology. Imagine being able to operate smartphones and computers without having to touch them!

WHAT TECH COULD YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT? We just got a set of VR headsets for the office and we’re obsessed! We’ve been doing VR calls in the Metaverse with our development team. It’s such a great way to create that intimate experience which is sometimes missed through a video call. It’s also been great for remote workers because they can be “present” in our office without actually being there. And the games are pretty cool too.

WHAT TECH COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT? I could live without AI voice assistants, Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa etc.

Yes, the idea of being able to talk to your phone and have it do what you want is cool and I’m sure it will get better. But right now, it’s not all that practical.

The biggest flaw of voice tech is simply that it doesn’t understand us very well yet. Often my voice assistant misunderstands my commands and I have to repeat myself so much that it would be quicker to use the actual device.

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. One thing you might not know about GEL Studios is that we’re currently on our journey to become B-Corp Certified.

The main criteria for a B-Corp organisation is ‘making a difference for good’ and this aligns perfectly with our purpose at GEL Studios.

We believe that business can be a force for good, so we’re constantly striving to make decisions that benefit our clients, our employees and our community.

IF YOUR COMPANY WAS A SUPERHERO, WHICH ONE WOULD IT BE? If GEL Studios were a superhero, I think it would definitely be Iron Man.

Iron Man is very knowledgable, an expert in his field, completely selfless and always ready to help those in need.

At GEL Studios we take those qualities into the work we produce every day. From creating amazing quality websites to making sure clients are always happy with the results, we strive to be everything that our clients need us to be.

HOW CAN PEOPLE KEEP UP TO DATE WITH YOUR COMPANY’S LATEST NEWS AND DEVELOPMENTS? The easiest way to keep up to date with GEL Studios would be on our social media profiles.

We have an active presence on all channels, so Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn. Failing that you can always keep up with GEL Studios news on our Blog