Talking Techies – Cardwave Services Ltd

By Ben Carey on 13 September, 2022

With the deadline for entries for this year’s Swindon & Wiltshire Techies looming, we’re continuing our conversations with some of the region’s best and brightest firms to find out more about them. 

From which superhero would your business be, to which tech could you not live without, we’ve posed some questions to help us get to know our friendly neighbourhood businesses.

Paul Norbury is Chief Executive of Cardwave Services Ltd, a Devizes-based company specialising in flash memory storage products.

He shares his answers below…

NAME: Paul Norbury

COMPANY: Cardwave Services Ltd

SECTOR: I always have a problem with this question but mainly answer IT. In reality, we operate across multiple sectors. We are almost sector agnostic.

CAN YOU SUM UP WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES IN NO MORE THAN 10 WORDS? We are experts in flash memory products supporting OEM customers.

WHO IS YOUR TECH IDOL? I don’t really have a tech idol but I have a preference for Anker products – I like their products, packaging and service.


When you see a man on top of a mountain, you know he didn’t fall there.”

I have many quotes that I remember but this one goes back over 30 years and keeps me grounded.

LOOKING AHEAD OVER THE NEXT DECADE, WHAT TECH DEVELOPMENTS EXCITE YOU? I am obviously biased with solutions that are relevant or will benefit my business. IoT and AI is very exciting, there are opportunities everywhere.

WHAT TECH COULD YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT? My iPhone and in particular the Bitwarden app. It’s my password manager and secure vault for many important credentials. I have to use it many times every day.

WHAT TECH COULD YOU LIVE WITHOUT? Email and all things to do with messaging and social media. There is too much data these days, most of it is irrelevant to me (but not all). I’d rather speak to people and have more time to focus on growing the business, not just keeping up with it.

TELL US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. We’re partners to some household names (that we are not always allowed to mention) and our products are in gadgets people use and cars people drive every day.

IF YOUR COMPANY WAS A SUPERHERO, WHICH ONE WOULD IT BE AND WHY? I don’t want it to sound corny but to answer the question I’d have to say The Incredible Hulk. It’s about Banner’s intellect (that relates to our expertise and knowledge) and the strength and the ability of the team to move a mountain – which is something we’ve been asked to do on more than one occasion!

HOW CAN PEOPLE KEEP UP TO DATE WITH YOUR COMPANY’S LATEST NEWS AND DEVELOPMENTS? We are cautious about how much content we release but we are semi-active on LinkedIn and there is always the knowledge hub on the website at

We prefer not to put out news stories just for the sake of it, over the past year we’ve been creating Explainer guides and other content than will help customers understand that we are knowledgeable, we are experts in our field and that we can help them solve their flash memory and data storage problem.