Get your tickets today for Swindon’s Festival of Tomorrow

By Ben Carey on 19 January, 2024

Swindon’s Festival of Tomorrow returns in February with its biggest ever line-up of activities and events.

The Festival promises a packed programme of experiences to keep children and adults entertained during the half-term break. Organisers are urging families to register early to secure their free spots for the Festival Finale on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th February.

The popular event features free interactive discovery zones packed with amazing demos, intriguing exhibits, hands-on activities, challenges and workshops.

Festivalgoers of all ages will be able to explore the universe with a planetarium show, race a hydrogen fuel-cell car, programme a robot vehicle, delve into the science of health, make some space-inspired art or try out Intel’s latest e-sports gaming gear.

Tickets for under 18s are free for all finale talks and shows (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult ticketholder).

Some of this year’s highlights include:

  • Exploding Custard: An inspirational show presented by award-winning science communicator Ian Russell.  Totally fascinating for all ages, it is a spectacular, lively and light-hearted sharing of more experiments than you’ll be able to remember, using everyday materials and household objects.
  • The Royal Institution Presents: Energy Live: What is energy? Where does it come from and where does it go? Join the highly acclaimed Royal Institution for an exciting, demo-packed journey through the stores of energy we use every day. This explosive family show with fire-based demonstrations will leave you feeling fully charged!
  • Amazing Animals: Festival favourites Braintastic! Science return with their brand-new interactive experience which showcases the super-smart abilities of the world’s most incredible animals.
  • Dr Ken’s Circus Science Show: Juggling Scientist Dr Ken explores the scientific principles behind skilful circus tricks and dangerous stunts. Hold onto your seats as he eats fire, cracks whips and juggles five beanbags – all in the name of science.
  • Drones for good in Ukraine: Join Mark Horton, television presenter and Professor of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage at the Royal Agricultural University, alongside a panel of scientists, to discover how teams in the UK and the Sumi University in Ukraine are using drones to help grow food in the midst of the ongoing war.
  • Here come the robots: Join BBC Radio science journalist, Roland Pease, and a panel of leading experts from the world-famous Bristol Robotics Lab, to hear the latest research and applications of robotic swarms, and have your say on the ethics of robotics and AI.
  • Big health, tiny science: Scientists at the new Rosalind Franklin Institute near Oxford aim to understand our health at the scale of the molecules we are made of. Learn about the powerful microscopes that allow them to see deep into our cells and examine the protein machines that keep us alive, and discover how these techniques may transform medicine in the future.

The Festival programme includes an exciting range of interactive events, activities and experiences across Swindon from 9th to 18th February.

For tickets and the full programme visit