Safe online gaming and PC building with Black Nova Tech

By Ben Carey on 8 April, 2022

The Founder of Wiltshire-based IT solutions company Black Nova Tech is launching an initiative to help young gamers stay safe online.

Kyle Holmes will be hosting a series of free events for young people during which he will teach them how to build their own gaming PC whilst promoting safe online gaming.

An avid and lifelong gamer, Kyle is keen to share his technical knowledge to help children embrace tech safely.

His inspiration stems from his personal experience of how online gaming can help to decrease anxiety and improve mental health.

Like many parents, Kyle witnessed first-hand the negative effects that lockdown had on his stepdaughter. Research from charity Young Minds found that anxiety among children increased by over 80 per cent during the pandemic. 

He noticed that gaming helped his stepdaughter to cope with her feelings. 

Kyle said, “Being able to talk to her friends online kept her feeling like she wasn’t alone, she wasn’t excluded from her peers. She did online dance lessons with her dance teachers, we invested in gaming headphones for her so the microphone and headset meant she could talk online.”

Kyle realised he could utilise his skills and knowledge to help other children experience the same benefits and learn valuable technical skills. Online gaming is not without its critics, yet Kyle says there are measures that all parents can take to keep children safe.

He added, “I want to demystify the gaming world and show parents and children that, not only are building your own PC and online gaming good for your mental health, but they also offer technical and computing skills that will be invaluable for future careers.”

The events will be held once a month for up to ten young people aged between eight and 15 years old. The first event takes place on Saturday 9th April with other available dates of Saturday 14th May and Saturday 11th June.

The children will be invited to attend the Black Nova offices on the outskirts of Calne, where Kyle will offer step by step tutorials that will cover how to build their own PC which they can then use to game online with their friends. Along the way, Kyle will offer parents and children advice and tips on online safety.

Children can bring their own parts to the tutorials, although these can also be provided for those who need them.

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