Meet Techies Finalist – SEIKK

By Anita Jaynes on 1 November, 2021

It’s not long until The Business Exchange hosts its annual technology awards for Swindon and Wiltshire, The Techies, on Thursday 4th November.

Ahead of awards night we spoke to Charles de Paula, Founder of SEIKK, finalist in the Best User Experience category.

SEIKK is a guide, clubhouse and online department store for active gentlemen, underpinned by bespoke technology.

The men’s lifestyle platform covers everything from travel and adventure to sport and automotive history, with health, wellness, and grooming ideas thrown in along the way.

How does it feel to be a finalist?

Absolutely delighted. SEIKK was lucky to be shortlisted last year for a different Techies award, so we’re hoping we can go one step further this year!

What are you planning for awards night?

Nothing too flamboyant, we’re a small global team. But I’m sure we’ll all be celebrating the awards beverage in hand – where ever we are!

What would a Techie Award mean to you and your team?

A Techies Award would be fantastic! We’re a young online business, so these moments of recognition from experts within the community, is a great source of pride. October’s actually already been a pretty exciting month – as we made the Startups 100 – but hopefully November will be better!

How are you sharing the news with your networks?

Primarily on Instagram where we have our best following of +50k, but we have also been sharing the news on other social media networks.

On awards night SEIKK is up against Digital Wonderlab and O’Brien Media. To see the full list of Techies 2021 finalists click here. 

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