Meet Techies Finalist – Green Machine Computers

By Anita Jaynes on 3 November, 2021

It’s not long until The Business Exchange hosts its annual technology awards for Swindon and Wiltshire, The Techies, on Thursday 4th November.

Ahead of awards night we spoke to Natalie King-Barnard from Green Machine Computers. The team are finalists in two categories, Tech Team of the Year and Flying the Flag for Swindon and Wiltshire Tech.

Based in Ramsbury, Green Machine Computers are green recycling experts. The firm recycle your old tech, destroy your old data and make your company greener in the process. The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of your business, saving up to 150KG of CO2 emissions per device recycled.

How does it feel to be a finalist?

We’re thrilled to be finalists in the Techies awards. There are so many tough competitors, so it’s a real honour just to be competing against them. Although it would be wonderful to win, just being shortlisted gives our team a boost. We have worked so hard this past 18-months supporting other organisations on the front-lines of the pandemic. Where we are always looking for ways to help the community (and on a larger scale, the planet), being somewhat useful during this troubling time was important to us. Being noticed for the help that we did give is lovely, and encourages us to carry on helping more people.

In addition, this is a great opportunity for our company to get some press coverage. We’re constantly trying to reach new audiences and spread our eco-friendly message to as many people as possible. The Techies awards enable us to contact people who may not have otherwise heard of us. By reaching a wider range of people, we can emphasise the importance of recycling electronic devices, and hopefully make an impact to the affects e-waste has on our environment and the people within. 

What are you planning for awards night?

We have a number of things planned for Techies award night. Firstly, we have booked a function room at the local brewery. After a tour of the distillery, we will return to our swanky space and play some group games. We’ve planned to dress up smart, with an element of Green (as a nod to our namesake). There will be snacks and bubbly to celebrate getting this far in the competition. Plus, we have a few silly awards to give out ourselves (with categories including: most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, best beard and most likely to invent an AI system that takes over the world). 

What would a Techie Award mean to you and your team?

To win a Techie award would be amazing for our team. We don’t do what we do for recognition, but it does help to incentivise us. An award would validate our efforts and bring us a sense of pride. We like to think that everything we do benefits others, but it would be particularly special to focus on ourselves for one evening. Regardless of the outcome, we will be celebrating our collaborative achievements on the awards night; giving ourselves a much-needed pat on the back, before we start thinking about someone else again. 

How are you sharing the news with your networks?

We have shared our finalist announcement across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn by doing a happy dance to convey our excitement. On the lead-up to the event we will be promoting the awards and our contributions. During the award night itself, we will be taking plenty of photos, videos, reels, stories and live streams to truly shout about our successes in the past year. 

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