How the right software applications can make a business more efficient

By Anita Jaynes on 17 March, 2021

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As no two businesses are the same the right software applications, developed by the right company for your organisation can help streamline your processes and improve efficiencies

Over the last couple of years, throughout the UK many companies have found themselves struggling due to an economic slowdown following the uncertainty about Brexit and the devastating effect the Coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns has had across industry.

2020 saw many companies having to put in place temporary or new operational systems to adapt to the new way of working, foregoing their existing tried and tested business models.  

Some companies have managed to adapt to change quite well and have seen a boom in online sales.  Unfortunately, others have not been so fortunate and have seen their sales reduced overnight. 

With many employees still working remotely, it is increasingly important for a business to continue to be agile and adapt to change,  having software applications written specifically for you and your business to replace manual paper processes will allow you to easily work collaboratively whilst remotely.

So, what are the benefits of adopting software applications designed specifically for your business?

Operate more efficiently

Bespoke software development involves designing software specifically to an individual company and tailored to the customers exact needs.  When you utilise software applications, the process flow of your business is smoother and more efficient than manual paper processes.  It will increase employee productivity and staff efficiency when working from either home or in the office as all company information is stored in one place that everyone can access at any time and from anywhere.

Stay in front of your competitors

Staying ahead of your competitors is so important and can be achieved by streamlining your processes so your business works in an agile way which is quick to respond to customer’s needs keeping them onboard and engaged.  Technology is changing all the time and if your business does not adapt and evolve then you could be left behind and at a dis-advantage to your competitors

More commercially effective

Adapting to online processes can help facilitate growth in your business making it leaner and more efficient.  By investing in software development and applications specific to your business such as ERP systems, time management, task scheduling, reporting dashboards, linking systems with middleware and cloud-based tools can show that you are a forward-thinking company that can adapt to change

Interested in a new, bespoke app for your company?

Impact IT Solutions create bespoke software development solutions and mobile applications for all types of companies across industry. We understand that the productivity of software is defined by how the user experience and interface is designed and with that in mind, we create software with the user always at its core.  

With technology evolving all the time, it is exciting and daunting for anyone taking the first steps into software development.  At Impact IT we ensure every client is fully engaged and on-board and has confidence in the software being designed and developed for them.   There is continued customer engagement with a dedicated Project Manager who works with your product champions throughout every stage of development ensuring that there is a streamlined and efficient integration of the software into your business with minimal training and no ‘down’ time.

To find out more about Impact IT’s Software Development services, visit or give us a call on 0117 2020 200.

Pictured above: The software development process: From planning and scoping and innovative UX/UI design, through to use as a tool to enhance your business operations on the move.