Carbon-Z goes fully carbon neutral

By Ben Carey on 28 October, 2022

Swindon’s Carbon-Z has officially become fully carbon neutral following an overhaul of its site and work practices.

The company, which offers hosting and colocation solutions in the UK, has made a raft of changes including the submersion of all hardware components in cooling liquid, and sourcing electricity from green energy providers. Plans are also in place for installing solar panels on the site’s roof.

It is hoped the move will help to inspire a wider shift towards sustainability within the data centre industry, which accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions annually than commercial flights.

The growing intensity of computing power, as well as high performance demands, has resulted in rapidly rising temperatures within data centres. To combat this, Carbon-Z uses liquid immersion cooling, a revolutionary technology which involves the submersion of hardware components in dielectric liquid which conveys heat away from the heat source, reducing the need for energy-hungry cooling infrastructure.

Jon Clark, Commercial and Operations Director at Carbon-Z, said, “As the United Kingdom and the world move towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, our industry is responsible for making data centres greener and more efficient.

“At Carbon-Z, we continually look for new ways to improve our sustainability with the goal being to get our data centres to carbon neutral, then carbon zero and then carbon negative. We believe this is possible and hope to see a wider movement among our peers in the same direction over the coming years.”