Black Nova Designs takes on 24-hour gaming challenge 

By Ben Carey on 5 September, 2022

To mark this year’s Video Games Day, a trio from Black Nova Designs is taking on a 24-hour gaming marathon.

The challenge, which the team will use to help raise awareness of mental health issues, will feature Black Nova Founder Kyle Homes alongside Website Developer Steven Willis and IT Technician Dean Baker for an entire day and night of non-stop gaming.

The event will be live-streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch from midnight to midnight on Monday 12th September, giving viewers the chance to watch and donate to the chosen charity, MIND.

Supported by their colleagues throughout the 24 hours, the trio are motivated to complete the challenge and raise money for MIND while demonstrating how gaming, especially where you need to collaborate with other players, can have huge benefits for wellbeing.

Kyle said, “Being a lifelong gamer, I know how much enjoyment you can get from playing video games. Either playing alone or with friends, it can give you a real sense of achievement, boost your self-esteem and it can put a smile on your face. Linking up with your friends to chat while playing can also really help to combat stress and loneliness. It can be a really fun way to relax.

“I know how much gaming has helped me and the idea of the livestream event was to not only raise money for a great charity, but to give others an insight into the fun the three of us have while gaming.” 

Kyle, Steven and Dean will play a variety of games including Call of Duty, League of Legends and Pubg. 

Video Games Day originated in the USA. The industry itself is said to be worth over $100 billion, with $4.5 billion spent on games each year and an estimated three billion gamers worldwide.

Research shows that playing video games can lift your mood whilst improving memory, coordination and social skills, all of which have tangible benefits for wellbeing and mental health.

Pictured: Black Nova Founder Kyle Homes