What qualities does a commercial property need to sell in 2020?

By admin on 12 September, 2020

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In 2020, a lot of people prefer to rent their commercial properties rather than buy. When you are running a business, it can be hard to afford the high cost of a commercial property, especially if you are based in a large city within the UK. Of course, there are buyers for commercial properties and many of these buyers go on to offer leases to tenants.

So, what kind of qualities does a commercial property need to get that high price point in 2020?

Structurally Sound Foundations

If a commercial property is not structurally sound, it isn’t going to sell. If a buyer is planning on leasing out the property to tenants and other businesses in the future, they will need to prove that the building is worth the price. The good news is that building a structurally sound property isn’t too difficult, as long as you call in the professionals. We recommend that you consider the structural engineer services of RWA Consulting. You can view their services here if you are interested.

Plenty of Space

If you want your commercial property to sell in 2020, you must make sure that it is spacious. Potential landlords will want to maximise any space and get as much money as possible from their investment. If there is a lot of space, they can make the decision on whether to rent out the commercial property to a large business or to several smaller businesses. The more space, the better so this needs to be considered right from the beginning.

Excellent Location

Securing planning permission in the middle of a popular city isn’t going to be easy but if you want your commercial property to sell as soon as possible, you must think about building it in a good location. If you can’t get planning permission or afford the cost of land in the city centre, you can consider moving slightly into the outskirts. However, if you do, you must make sure that there are excellent transport links for this property to really sell.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Unless a commercial property is going to be used for a factory or another business that doesn’t require much light, it needs to have plenty of windows. In 2020, business owners are required to offer a comfortable working space that is bright. Windows can be a massive selling point, especially if they fill the entire room with light. Try to incorporate this into the design to really sell that property.

Final Verdict

If you are thinking about building a commercial property in the hope of selling it for a high price, you must make sure that it has these qualities. If it isn’t structurally sound, you could risk losing money along the way. You should also make sure that it is fit for purpose by adding plenty of windows and making it as spacious as possible.