Tips on closing the deal on your mortgage 

By Anita Jaynes on 31 January, 2023

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One of the essential steps when buying property is getting a mortgage. Only a few people have sufficient cash to buy real estate without the extra purchasing power of a mortgage. Even if you had the money, it is always smarter to get a loan to use your liquid cash for other purposes. However, getting a mortgage nowadays can be a challenge. Here are some tips to make it easier for you.

A better credit score means higher chances

A mortgage is a loan, and the biggest factor that lenders will look at is your credit score. If you have an existing loan or are buried in debt, then that means there is a good chance of rejection. Even if your mortgage application gets the go-ahead, you will likely have strict payment terms since the lender will want to ensure you pay. So, one of the first moves you can make to increase your chances of getting a mortgage is eliminating any existing loans or debts. This situation might delay your chance at a property, but it also ensures you are in a healthier financial state when you get your mortgage.

Get some help

Getting a mortgage is easier if you have a professional helping you out. While financial planning experts often focus on investments, they can also help you with your mortgage. The best way they can help is through their local expertise. If you plan to buy property, you will likely get your mortgage from local lenders. You’ll need a local expert to tell you which can provide you with the best deal. After all, local markets can be very different, even if there are familiar names. Additionally, with local connections, it will be easier to get good rates and some solid advice on how to deal with local lenders.

Take into account additional factors

Additional factors can affect your chances at a mortgage. One of them is age. Lenders like customers who can pay for a long time. Younger borrowers will often have an easier time and lower rates since the lenders can expect them to pay for a long time.

Additionally, your job can affect how much you will pay. A high-paying job means that you have a dependable income. Lenders assume that you will also be saving so that even in lean times, you will still be able to pay. 

Aim for a big down payment

When it comes to better terms, it is a good idea to have a large down payment ready. The result is lower payment terms and a better credit score. Save the money for at least a 20 per cent down payment so you can negotiate from a good position.

Final thoughts

A mortgage can make a heavy financial burden into a lighter one. However, the property can also be a good investment, whether residential or commercial. Getting the right mortgage is a big long-term benefit and worth the effort you put into it. The tips above should make it less stressful so you can focus on the essentials.