Simple ways physical stores can increase footfall despite rising interest in online shopping 

By Anita Jaynes on 29 January, 2023

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Shopping has changed dramatically over recent years. While physical retail spaces are still popular, online shopping has become incredibly popular following the pandemic, with many consumers enjoying the convenience of having what they want delivered to their door. 

During the pandemic, when lockdowns were imposed, many households used online delivery out of necessity. However, even after we were able to go out, most people continued to enjoy using digital tools for shopping. As such, experts predict that UK retail sales could be 38% online by 2026.

For retailers with a physical store, this can be disheartening, especially as online retailers have the added bonus of reduced premises and staffing costs. 

Understandably, many retailers are pivoting towards online sales, and most start-ups are exploring online shopping opportunities when they first launch. Still, having physical stores to visit is appealing for many shoppers, and having a base for your business can lend it prestige. 

For retail business owners who want to retain their physical stores and get the best out of them, here are some practical tips on how to increase footfall. 

Rejuvenate Your Shop Front 

The front of your store is often the first thing that new customers will see, and having an enticing shop front can help you to improve customer engagement and increase footfall. Simple changes like updating your window display can make a huge difference. For a major overhaul, you could consider brightening up the façade with improvements like a new shop sign. If you’re in Devon, then Nettl offers bespoke signs in Exeter that can rejuvenate your storefront and make it more attractive to passers-by. A fresh look for your shop front can refresh your store and make it look and feel like new. It can also help you to reinforce your branding and encourage your target clientele to explore your store. 

Offer Enticing Deals 

In today’s economic climate, with the cost-of-living crisis causing most households to cut down on their spending, showing value is crucial for any retailer that wants to succeed. As such, you need to consider offering deals, such as multi-buy discounts, money off new products or even loyalty schemes. These deals can entice customers to visit your store in the hope of getting the products they need at lower prices. Consider highlighting these deals using bold shelf-edge labels and signs in the window of your store to highlight your commitment to offering good value to your customers. 

Keep Finding New Tactics 

There are many ways to adapt your retail space and encourage more footfall, but as every store is unique, you might find that what works for others isn’t successful for your business. Use this article to get inspiration, and then try out a selection of techniques to find ones that work for your company. For inspiration for new ideas in the future, you can follow popular retail blogs for expert advice and insight from other successful retailers. You can then ensure that you always offer the services and support that modern customers expect from physical stores.