Moving to a New Office Space: How To Make The Transition As Simple As Possible

By Anita Jaynes on 8 July, 2022

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Moving into a new office space can be a tricky and lengthy process. However, there are steps you need to take in order to ensure that the transition is simple and smooth for you and your employees. 

Making a timetable or GANTT chart to plan out your relocation in detail will save you from many worries, and you will have all the tasks in one place. To help you get ready for your moving day, we came up with a list of things you cannot forget about. Have a read of the steps you need to take before the day of your relocation.

Make Sure You Know The Rules Of Your New Building

Before you plan out your relocation, you must learn the rules of your new building. These will help you to organise your moving day and can influence your move’s logistics. For example, the rules may say that you can move in only during non-business hours, or you may need special permission to use a service elevator.

Let Your Employees To Pack Their Own Desks

Having your employees to pack their desks will save you work, time and money. This way, you will not need to hire a removal company for such a task. Your employees can start packing during their working hours when they need a small break to regain their focus, during a lunch break or when they finish work. Your team will feel more comfortable knowing where everything is and that their things are all safely packed. It would also be best to encourage them to pack a bit at a time so everyone does not pack at the last minute.

Label Your Boxes

To be as efficient as possible, label all your boxes carefully. It will help you to avoid confusion when unpacking and make the transition smoother for everyone. Knowing what is in each box will enable you to start with the biggest or more essential things and open one box at a time. You can also place boxes into their rightful place in the room based on a label.

Clear Out Things You Do Not Need

When relocating an office, you cannot avoid waste. You may need to get rid of boxes, old furniture or other things that would not carry any purpose in your new location. Waste removal services such as Skip Supply Network can lift the weight off your shoulders and remove all the rubbish from your moving process. You’ll then be able to save on moving costs, as you won’t have to take items you don’t need with you to your new office. 

Update Documents With Your New Address

Updating documents with your new address is one of the tasks that are important, but if you push them further, you might forget to do them. That is why you should start sooner rather than later. Place orders for new envelopes, letterheads, business cards and return labels – everything that carries your business’s address. Also, remember to tell all your clients and partners about the change in your location.