6 Fantastic Ways to Save Money Opening Your New Office

By Anita Jaynes on 1 September, 2021

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Opening a new office can be expensive, and keeping costs down is a top priority for many businesses. Whether you’re opening a new premises for your company or hiring your own office space to work from, there are many things you can do to save some cash here and there.

1.     Choose a Smaller Space

Opting for a small office space can instantly cut costs. An office which is smaller by just one square foot could make a noticeable difference to the monthly costs. 

If you’re planning to hire some extra space for storage, consider how much you really need and see if there are things you could get rid of or recycle before moving into the new premises. 

2.     Buy Second-hand Furniture

Rather than paying high costs for office furniture which is brand new, explore options near you for second-hand furniture. You can even find 2nd hand office furniture being given away for free, although you should check the condition before accepting it. 

Recycled Business Furniture is a cheaper option to buying brand new furniture when opening a new office. With thousands of items available for all areas of the office, there’s something for every business. 

3.     Launch Digitally

You can save a huge amount of money by planning a digital launch of the new space instead of hosting a physical celebration. While this doesn’t allow you to get key people into the room or have a party to mark the opening, it does mean that you can establish the office at a fraction of the cost.

Create a logo especially for the opening, place the news front and centre on your website, and devote your social media to the launch for a week or two. You could even host a live event on social media. 

4.     Allow Employees to Work from Home

Giving employees the opportunity to work from home will reduce the need for more space in your new office. If there are roles which can effectively be carried out from home, you may decide during the recruitment process to make the job permanently home-based. 

5.     Broker a Deal 

Some landlords who rent out office spaces will be willing to come to a compromise on costs. This is more likely if you are renting more than one office in the same building, or if you have previously rented from the same landlord. 

You could also get a discount on office costs if you are operating as a charity or other non-profit organisation. 

6.     Keep Track of the Budget

You can quickly lose track of how much you’re spending to open a new office. Staying organised and tracking each item of expenditure can ensure you stay within your budget and keep costs down when opening the new space. 

If you unexpectedly save money, wait until the office is fully opened before deciding whether to reallocate the funds elsewhere. 

Opening a new office doesn’t have to be expensive. You can save money on many of the different costs which are associated with establishing a new office or business presence.