Wiltshire heating company supports homeless & lonely

By Anita Jaynes on 7 December, 2017

Staff at John Williams Heating Services in Chippenham are appealing to customers and business neighbours to spare a thought for the town’s homeless and vulnerable this Christmas.

They are running a ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ charitable collection from their premises on the Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate, Chippenham up to Thursday December 21 and are asking people to donate gifts in the run-up to festivities.

Debbie Williams, co-founder of John Williams Heating Services, said: “We all enjoy opening our advent calendars and receiving gifts at Christmas, but why not use the festive season to give something back?

“Each day donations will be added to our Reverse Advent Calendar Box and the contents will be given to the Doorway project for the homeless and to the Salvation Army Christmas Hamper appeal.”

The Doorway Project provides drop-in guests with everyday basics such as freshly cooked food, laundry and shower facilities, as well as offering a range of activities to build self-esteem and to teach new skills as a first step to sustaining a tenancy and moving into work. This year they are appealing for pocket diaries and pens in particular.

The Salvation Army Appeal is for goods to be donated so hampers can be made up and distributed to families and individuals in Chippenham and the surrounding area. Examples of goods which will be helpful include:

  • Crisps  (in boxes or tins so they don’t get squashed!)
  • Chocolates/sweets
  • Cake
  • Fruit juice
  • Christmas pudding
  • Crackers
  • Box of Biscuits
  • Stuffing
  • Tins of veg, meat, soup or fruit
  • Milk
  • Jam

Anyone will be welcome to contribute to the John Williams Heating Services’ Reverse Advent Calendar Box from 10am-4pm at the John Williams Office, on the  Bumper’s Farm Industrial Estate,  at Unit D14 Bumpers Way, Chippenham SN14 6LH. To find out more about the company visit www.jwheating.co.uk

 Pictured above: The John Williams Heating Services team