Wiltshire charity launches appeal to help young people’s mental health

By Anita Jaynes on 5 August, 2022
David Wreathall, Founder of Inner Flame discussing the appeal and its aims

Swindon-based Inner Flame has launched a £20,000 appeal so it can keep running programmes that help young people’s mental health, and is asking businesses and people to pledge support.

Inner Flame has so far completed 15 anxiety programmes since they were launched during the pandemic in 2020. But these rely entirely on donations and grants, which are due to run out at the end of 2022.

‘Manage Anxiety – Your Way’ is for people aged 16-25 who are finding anxiety is holding them back. Over eight weeks, a trained facilitator leads a small online group on a journey to try out simple lifestyle changes, and see what works for them. It’s based on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, and it’s aimed at helping deal with anxiety before it gets worse. 

Aimee Parsons, Lead Facilitator for the programme, said, “We have seen a broad mix of people on Manage Anxiety – Your Way. From long-term unemployed through to university graduates. Social anxiety, in particular, has grown massively through the pandemic.”

The aim for 2023 is to help at least 50 more local young people through this programme.

To boost funding, Inner Flame – which also delivers the Princes Trust programmes Team and Achieve in Swindon and Trowbridge – has joined the Big Give Christmas Appeal, asking businesses and individuals to pledge their financial support. 

David Wreathall, Inner Flame’s Founder, explained, “The Big Give Christmas Challenge is a national campaign. Our first step is to secure £5,000 in pledges by 2nd September. These don’t have to be paid until December, but they help us to unlock further funding from various Big Give funders. The two pots are then matched by public donations at the start of December – so the initial pledges could have quadruple the impact!”

Inner Flame is also staging a fundraiser with its annual Young Champions dinner on 25th November, at The Doubletree Hilton, Swindon. 

David, added, “This event will celebrate ten years of partnership with The Prince’s Trust. We are looking forward to hearing inspiring stories from people who’ve completed the Team programme with us over that time.”

To make a pledge for Big Give Christmas Appeal, go to innerflame.org.uk/christmas-challenge-2022/  

To reserve a table at the dinner, visit www.innerflame.org.uk/young-champions, email elizabeth@innerflame.org.uk or call 0333 456 9707. Tickets cost from £55 per person.