Star Wars and Star Trek fans beam up to support Pudsey event in Swindon

By Nick Batten on 12 November, 2023

An intergalactic fundraising extravaganza for BBC Children in Need taking place at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Swindon on Friday 17th November called Return to Space Station Pudsey is attracting sci-fi fans from far and wide. The event aimed at both children and adults will feature a variety of favourite costumed characters and exhibits from classic and recent Doctor Who episodes with starring roles for Daleks and Cybermen. The popular children’s time travelling series is celebrating its 60th anniversary in November and the event in Swindon will welcome some of the most popular villains in British Television history. 

However, the fundraising occasion will also include some firm favourites from cinema and TV. Star Wars followers will celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Return of the Jedi with Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and Stormtroopers who will mingle with shoppers along with the latest space villain Kylo Ren.

Taking part for a second time is local businessman and Star Wars fan Luke Kaye who is bringing a life-sized replica of a Tauntaun which were a species of semi-sentient lizards native to the snowy plains of Hoth and last seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Luke is displaying more sci-fi models including Flash Gordon’s rocket cycle and a Battlestar Galactica motor cycle.

Luke Kaye said, “I also took part in the last Space Station Pudsey 20 years ago in 2003 at the Swindon Designer Outlet and they are great family attractions. I think the life size model of the Tauntaun will be a big crowd pleaser for this event. But I am promising some great surprises on the day!”

Also taking part are members of MK Garrison which was formed in May 2007 as a non-profit making Star Wars costuming group attending a variety of events to raise monies for worthwhile charities. They will be joined by members of the Gloucestershire Troopers who will be fundraising as favourite Star Wars characters.

Star Trek fan David Limburg has also got involved in the planning of Return to Space Station Pudsey. David has been a collector of film and TV memorabilia since the 1970’s but finally broke away from the 9 to 6 job to work full time online at Sante Claus selling memorabilia all over the world. David had the honour of working with Gerry Anderson and Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 and Quantum Leap and the many voices in the game Skyrim. 

David Limburg said, “I have met many celebrities over the years who l now call friends such as J.G Hertzler, Mat Irvine, Bruce Boxleitner, Patricia Tallman, Vanessa Angel to name but a few. I try to do as much as possible for charity and being part of BBC Children in Need has always been close to my heart as children are our future and we need to help them anyway we can.”

Co-organiser of Return to Space Station Pudsey Anita Jaynes of The Business Exchange added, “In terms of exhibits and costumed attractions this is the biggest of the three Space Station Pudsey events staged in Swindon. We are pleased to announce that Pudsey Bear will be joining us in the afternoon to welcome fundraisers and shoppers to this wonderful occasion.

“All local corporate and community Children in Need fundraisers are welcome to come down to the Outlet on Friday afternoon to tell us about their fundraising efforts this year. If you’re lucky, you might get on local radio or TV too. To find out more, please email”