Revolution Performing Arts welcomes new team members

By Ben Carey on 2 August, 2022

Revolution Performing Arts (RPA) in Swindon has welcomed two new additions to its team of leaders.

Louise Montague and Charlotte Simonis have joined the company, bringing their years of professional experience to support children across Swindon and the surrounding areas with singing, dancing and acting.

Dance Leader Louise trained at the world-renowned Tring Park School for the Performing Arts before working as a cast member in Disneyland Paris. 

She said, “I am beyond excited to reignite the fire inside me for dance. I’ve danced my entire life. I started at a Haven holiday park as a dance leader and I’ve been fortunate to showcase my talent a lot since!

“I have a lot of experience as a dance teacher as well as being a dancer, and children are always excited when I mention I used to work at Disneyland Paris – I can honestly say I am good friends with Minnie Mouse and Cinderella!”

Having two children herself and previously teaching baby ballet, Louise acknowledges the joys of working with young people and the positive impact performing arts can have on their lives.

She added, “One of the biggest struggles children face today is social media and the pressure to grow up too quickly. Children don’t get enough play time and I want children to have fun dancing.

“I always work with children, not against them. I’ve loved it so far at Revolution Performing Arts as every single person in the team is so amazing and welcoming. RPA are injecting love and passion back into performing arts!”

Sing Leader Charlotte has joined the company having trained at London School of Musical Theatre and worked with many professionals including West End musical performer Kerry Winter. 

She said, “I love leading the children in singing – it is such a blessing to see their confidence grow. Nothing means more to me than seeing them go home with a smile because they had fun!” 

One of the South West’s leading performing arts companies for children and young people, RPA was founded in 2007 by Fi Da Silva Adams and specialises in empowering young people and adults to celebrate their individuality through the power of performing arts. 

For more information visit the Revolution Performing Arts website.