Francis George Solicitor-Advocate’s £1,000 donation takes total to £3,000 for Prospect Hospice

By Anita Jaynes on 26 December, 2016

Francis George Solicitor-Advocate raised £1,000 for Prospect Hospice in September. The donation takes its total to £3,000 for the hospice over the last three years.

The leading Swindon law firm raised the funds by donating the fees from every joint and mirror will it prepared throughout the calendar month. The firm has been running this initiative every year since 2014 and plans to continue the campaign.

A mirror will allows couples such a husband and wife and people in civil partnerships with similar wishes to make near-identical wills. These enable them to appoint people they both trust to act as their executors when they die.

Francis George Solicitor Advocate charges £200.00 + VAT to prepare a mirror or joint will. In September, clients were able to pay this fee direct to Prospect Hospice or to the law firm for full onward donation.

Francis George, the firm’s founder, said: “We’re delighted to support the invaluable facility Prospect Hospice provides to the people of Swindon and the surrounding area. We’d also take the opportunity to remind people of the importance of properly prepared will. This is critical as any grey areas in a person’s will could affect who inherits either all or part of their estate. If the small print is not crystal clear, the courts could interpret your will contrary to your wishes. In a recent example of this, the family of a physicist lost out on £750,000 due to ambiguous wording in the deceased’s will.”*

A Higher Rights Advocacy, Francis George Solicitor-Advocate gives clients the equivalent service to that of a barrister. Advising from the start of a case to the finish, the firm’s team works with a range of bodies, from the Small Claims Court to the Supreme Court.

Prospect Hospice supports a community of 300,000 people in Swindon, Marlborough and north Wiltshire and the villages of Lechlade and Fairford in Gloucestershire. In 2014-15, it cared for and supported almost 6,400 people, as patients, carers and family members through a range of services developed to bring care, comfort and confidence at life’s most difficult time.

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Pictured above: Francis George