The Floor Smith sets the standard amid expansion

By Ben Carey on 28 April, 2023

Wiltshire business The Floor Smith has made remarkable progress since it was established in 2021.

Former Marines and long-time friends Sam O’Connor and Xavier Kissane joined forces with George Smith to set up the business, which has won significant commercial contracts alongside its domestic work throughout the region.

Working for names including Bloor Homes and Selwood Housing, The Floor Smith applies many of the principles instilled in Xav and Sam through their time in the military. The result is a business which sets the standard for others to follow.

The Floor Smith has seen significant growth in recent times, doubling its in-house workforce to six, moving to a newly built office and showroom on the West Wilts Trading Estate, and expanding its network of trusted sub-contractors.

Sam believes that the success is down to an ethical, straightforward and honest approach to business which has earned them raft of satisfied clients.

He said, “Xav and I had talked about going into business when we were in college together before we joined the Marines, so it wasn’t a shock that we went into business together.

“We try to take what we learned in the Marines and apply the relevant parts to our business. The end-product in terms of the flooring finish is obviously paramount, but we also pride ourselves on how we conduct ourselves as a business. We turn up on time in our Floor Smith company shirts ready to do the job, and do it to the highest standard.”

For The Floor Smith though, business growth comes second to maintaining standards. Sam and the team are clear that they do not want to continually expand the operation if quality, both in terms of customer service and end-product, are ever compromised.

He added, “Our company is young and ambitious, but we believe that the core principles on which we are founded are central to our success.

“When it comes to recruiting or employing sub-contractors, we are very careful to ensure we work with people aligned to our ethos of honesty and integrity. Anyone working under The Floor Smith brand reflects us directly, and we want to ensure we maintain our reputation.

“In terms of growth, whilst we are ambitious, we won’t grow the business at any cost. Our USP has always been about being personable, approachable and trustworthy and we need to ensure these standards are maintained as the business develops in the future.”

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Pictured: Sam O’Connor