Business against Poverty’s Member of the Month: 24/7 Staffing

By Anita Jaynes on 30 March, 2017

Business against Poverty (BaP) is a local community of business people who care about the issues of poverty and ethical standards. They are taking action through their charity People against Poverty, based in Melksham.

This month we put the spotlight on Chippenham-based 24/7 Staffing, an independently owned recruitment company founded by husband and wife team Melody and Julian Thompson.

Julian met with The Business Exchange to tell us more about 24/7 Staffing, his business ethics and why he supports Business against Poverty.

What motivates You? 
Having a purpose for going to work is vitally important to me. Working for money is a given, but what I love about recruitment, is that we can change peoples lives through employment. We recognise the impact this has on their families and the community, which makes the work we do incredibly fulfilling. There is nothing better than placing the perfect candidate with a client, knowing they are going to make a positive impact on their business, so together we achieve shared goals.

What is your business philosophy?  
It’s not just what we do that matters to us, but the way it’s done. We live and breathe our company values daily, which shape the decisions that we make in running our business. They are: being crystal clear, delivering a five-star service, remaining compliant, having the right attitude, and investing in people.
Who do you admire most?   
One of my first bosses, Julian Richards, who is now the managing director of a large logistics company called AK Worthington.  Initially, he was an ideal mentor when I first started work; teaching me all the basic principles of how to be a be a great employee. We are still friends some twenty five years later and his early words of wisdom remain with me to this day. I have always admired the way he remains so human in business, remembering people’s names, taking the time to chat to everyone on the shop floor and he has a great sense of humour too!

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?

Being part of the BaP family has been a great experience for us,  both as a business and individually as people working inside the business. It’s extremely fulfilling knowing that we contribute the work of Business against Poverty and together, we can change people’s lives by helping to free them of the poverty cycle.

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