British Heart Foundation calls on the business community to help revive lost research funds 

By Anita Jaynes on 8 August, 2022

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is set to launch its pilot ‘Heart of’ business boards in the South West this autumn with the aim of recovering revenue that was damaged by the pandemic. 

The foundation suffered a 50 per cent loss in income between 2020 and 2022 and consequently, many of its potentially lifesaving projects were put on hold.

Chris McCormack, Fundraising Manager for the British Heart Foundation explained, “One of the ways we’re looking to recover this revenue is by widening and deepening our relationship with community business.”

With this in mind, the BHF is establishing regional business boards across the country that will bring the charity together with local philanthropic business leaders and the research community so they can build a mutual understanding of what the BHF is, what it does and how it can help. 

Fundraising Managers like Chris work on a regional basis – he is responsible for Wiltshire and Oxfordshire – and provide guidance to the business boards in their respective regions.

He continued, “We’re looking for local philanthropic business leaders to be [voluntary] members of the board which will be made up of twelve to fifteen individuals.” 

The main emphasis of each business board is to raise significant income – ideally around £100,000 plus a year – via two, three or four major events and also through association and relationships. There are a variety of ways that the BHF can work with organisations from ‘charity of the year’ partnerships through to commercial sponsorship. 

The South West business boards are scheduled for launch soon, one in Oxfordshire in September and one in Bristol and Bath later in the year. 

Chris added, “We will also be recruiting a chairman and a treasurer. If you’re the chairman, you’ll be fairly well involved, but if you’re just a board member then you can be as involved as your time allows you to be. 

“We’re looking for people who are going to come in with a skills-set that complements what we do. So, whether they are marketing people or business leaders who can drive and make something happen, or event and comms people – we are looking at every aspect of the business community to get involved in helping us.”

Anyone wishing to join a local business board should contact Chris by emailing: or calling: 07741 640172.

Pictured above: Chris McCormack, Fundraising Manager for the British Heart Foundation