Arval looks to the future with EV charge site

By Ben Carey on 1 April, 2019

Gearing up for the electric vehicle revolution, a vehicle leasing and fleet management company in Wiltshire is set to open a significant new EV charging site.

Swindon-based Arval will create 50 new charging points at its headquarters on Windmill Hill Business Park. 43 charging points will be available to Arval employees with an additional seven for use by other businesses in the same building.

Ailsa Firth, Human Resources Director at Arval, said, “As a business, we are committed to supporting the ongoing energy transition toward electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and this means giving drivers convenient access to charging points.

“In our own company car fleet, we already have around 100 plug-in vehicle drivers and we expect this number to grow over the coming months and years as availability, choice and experience grows.”

“There is already research, notably from the International Council on Clean Transportation, suggesting EVs cost less to operate than petrol and diesel cars. With this project, we hope to prove the cost and practicality arguments for ourselves.”

The charge points and charging services at the Arval UK offices are being provided by NewMotion, the European leader in smart charging solutions for EVs.

All Arval employees will be able to charge at work for free for the first six months. In addition, they will be able to use over 100,000 publicly available NewMotion charging locations throughout Europe.

Miguel Cabaça, Managing Director at Arval UK hopes that the new facility will act as a test ground and working example for businesses thinking of electrifying their company vehicle fleet.

He said, “We are delighted to be working with NewMotion on such a major installation. Every day we see a growing interest in electric vehicles from a broad cross section of our customers. By leading the way in adoption and creating the necessary infrastructure, we hope to provide a real-world illustration of the practicalities behind the energy transition.”