Meet our talented team

Ben Carey

Ben is an experienced journalist and PR professional with over 18 years of experience in media and communications. He lives in Bradford on Avon with his young family and is passionate about helping businesses in our region share their stories in the most compelling way.

Ben has a creative eye and is a keen photographer. You’ll regularly see Ben’s words and pictures in The Business Exchange in print and online. 

Ben’s pro tip: When you’ve finished writing and proofreading your copy, use the ‘read aloud’ function in Microsoft Word as a final check. Your ears may pick up on something your eyes have missed. 

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Fiona Scott

Fiona is a well-known member of the South West business community having worked as a journalist, TV producer and Public Relations specialist in the region for 34 years. She was born in Radstock, Somerset but has called Swindon home for 30 years and is passionate about promoting the town and county as a great place to live, work and bring up a family.

Fiona has worked as a Special Features writer for The Business Exchange since 2015, creating fresh, relevant and engaging content for our readers. She has also produced compelling video content for us, as well as short animations. 

Fiona is a champion of small business and has built her own strong community of followers on Facebook and X where she shares top PR tips, how to build a relationship with the press and more.

Fiona’s pro tip: People buy from people and they buy emotionally – share your stories to build relationships, to serve and your customers will come. 

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Nick Batten

Nick is an experienced freelance journalist and media communications professional. He has over 10 years’ experience working for the press and in communication officer roles for local firms and charities. 

Nick has worked as a reporter for The Business Exchange since 2016 and makes sure our websites are kept up to date with the latest business news for our region. He also concentrates on exclusive content and has interviewed many high profile business people from across the South West.

When Nick’s not writing for The Business Exchange he’ll be found indulging in his passion for creative writing. Nick has written a number of non-fiction titles and we look forward to seeing his work listed in the best-selling book charts of the future. 

Nick’s pro tip: Never use a long word where a short one will do.

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Sian Swift

Sian is a freelance Sales and Marketing professional and an award-winning networker. She’s always been a ‘people person’ and networking is her favourite thing. In her own words “People say that I know everyone, which is obviously not true, but I’m working on it!”

Sian’s a proud welsh woman but has called Bath home for over 30 years. She’s a passionate Bath Rugby Club supporter and loves nothing more than being part of the crowd at the Rec. 

Sian has worked as an extension of The Business Exchange team since 2016 and helps provide a tailored service to our clients’, listening to their needs and creating campaigns that achieve results.

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Steve Munson

Steve is our production pro and has worked as an extension of The Business Exchange team since 2013 through his business Studio Creative Services, based in Swindon. 

Steve is passionate about producing powerful print and works on the production of both our magazine and website artwork. He has created compelling adverts for many of our clients and also works with us on special projects such as the production of our Techies Awards for Swindon & Wiltshire. He designed the concept for our awards and supports us on all things needed for awards night, from pull-up banners to stickers and goodie bags. 

When Steve allows himself out of the studio, he’ll be found trackside supporting his son who’s a Minimoto racing bike champion. 

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Dale Wyatt

Dale is Creative Director at Juicy Designs and has worked as an extension of The Business Exchange team since 2013.

Dale’s passionate about creating brands that deliver the right lasting impression and has collaborated with us on a number of projects, as well as creating the brand identity for The Business Exchange and our award scheme The Techies Swindon & Wiltshire.

Dale finalises the artwork for each edition of the magazine, ensuring every issue looks its very best. He has a keen eye for detail, essential for reducing potentially costly risks at print stage and for maintaining our publications integrity.

Through his agency, Juicy Designs, Dale has worked with some enviable clients, including Castrol, Hyundai, University of Oxford and Siemens.

Outside of the studio Dale can be found enjoying the great outdoors, whether that’s hiking up a mountain or exploring unsurfaced roads in his trusty Land Rover. He’s also an active volunteer with the Green Lane Association – a not for profit organisation promoting responsible use of vehicular rights of way.

Dale’s pro tip: People will form an opinion of your company when they come into contact with your different pieces of communication – your website, your proposal documents, your annual report – everything. So make sure your brand accurately and consistently reflects your business ethos across all touch points so they come away with the right lasting impression. 

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Acorn Press

Our print partner is Swindon-based Acorn Press. The team have been printing The Business Exchange magazine since it began in 2013. 

Acorn Press have been in business for over 40 years and works across the UK with Blue Chip organisations and smaller businesses, bringing print, colour and marketing campaigns to life.

Acorn’s customers include holiday companies, publishers, charities, IT businesses, schools, universities and colleges, premier league football clubs and fine art companies.  

Acorn Press is an ethical printer with ISO 14001 certification and the environmental aspect of printing is important to them. They use recycled or sustainable FSC papers, vegetable-based inks, mailings that use potato starch poly and recycle all of their plates and waste paper. We are proud to print The Business Exchange on FSC paper stock which is fully recyclable. 

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