Awdry Law solicitor raises awareness of international campaign against domestic violence

By Nick Batten on 13 December, 2023

Carol Dawe, a Family Solicitor from Wiltshire legal practice Awdry Law, is supporting ‘The 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence.’

The international campaign seeks to address and combat domestic violence and also emphasises the need for gender equality and the protection of human rights.

Beginning on November 25th – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – it concluded on December 10th (International Human Rights Day). These 16 days provided a dedicated period for advocacy and action.

Carol supported the campaign by raising awareness and aims to help break down barriers and get people talking by sharing the different types of domestic abuse and the signs to look out for on the firm’s social media channels and website.

She said, “Domestic abuse extends much further than physical violence and other forms of abuse include emotional abuse, love bombing, gaslighting, controlling and coercive behaviour, financial abuse, digital abuse, sexual abuse, threatening behaviour, isolation, stalking, harassment, intimidation, and public/online abuse. We have been sharing the definitions and some examples of each type on our social media to help get people talking.

“There is lots of free help for people that find themselves in an abusive relationship. No matter who is experiencing this behaviour, professionals will understand why you may have stayed in the relationship and will provide non-judgemental and empathetic advice. Services that can help include; the police, Women’s aid, Mankind, Refuge and Fear Free.

“We offer a free, initial consultation and can discuss with you appropriate agencies that can help you and assist you in making referrals. The Family Court can also offer protective measures both for you and any children. We can advise you in respect of the most appropriate orders to apply for. Our team is experienced, and we really do care and can guide you through the process.”

Visit Awdry Law’s website news page, where the firm has provided more information about the different types of abuse you may experience. 

Pictured above: Carol Dawe, Family Solicitor, Awdry Law