Working women are facing financial risks by not protecting their income

By Anita Jaynes on 1 July, 2018

Jon Gratland, Chief Executive at Wiltshire Friendly Society explains “We want to ensure that women protect their financial risks by having the right protection plan in place so that they are able to support themselves and their families if they were unable to work due to illness or injury.”

According to recent research 46% of women believe that it would be their sole responsibility to support their family financially if anything unexpected were to happen and yet 45% have no form of financial protection in place.

According to sociologist, Isabella Crespi, British culture pressures men and women to conform traditional gender roles, even within modern two-career families, the result being that women often remain subservient.

Her view is that working women compensate their guilt for returning to work by undertaking the dual role of earning an income, juggling child care and parenting responsibilities and also assuming the lion’s share of the domestic jobs in the home.

With the gender gap in the workplace gradually becoming closer, and the fact that we are now seeing more women as the main breadwinner in the household, it appears that almost half of women in the workplace are neglecting to protect their income with adequate insurance that could safeguard them and their family if they suddenly found themselves unable to work.

Women want to feel financially independent, so even if they did become unable to work they don’t want to be reliant on a partner’s income. Without income protection insurance providing working women with a safety net, unexpected illness or injury could have a serious adverse effect on their financial security.

Wiltshire Friendly Society offer financial protection for women by offering a flexible income protection plan that provides an income in the event that a woman is unable to work through illness or injury.

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Pictured above: Jon Gratland, Chief Executive at Wiltshire Friendly Society