Working together – Xero accounting and all your favourite apps

By Anita Jaynes on 29 April, 2021

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Many of us are creatures of habit when it comes to the nuts and bolts of our businesses – if it is not broken, there is no need to fix it, right?

But what if something as simple as changing your accounting software could work alongside apps you already use, simplify your common accounting activities, and save you time and money? Rather than moving to something completely new, you are simply updating to a better version of the things you already rely on.

Xero accounting software can do all this, and with over 1.5million users, it is a trusted name too. It integrates smoothly with over 800 apps, so you can run your business from wherever you are, simply and easily.

With that many apps, your favourites may well already be in the Xero App Marketplace alongside hundreds of others designed to make the administration of your business easier. If there is a task you are looking to simplify, you can easily browse the marketplace to find the right app for you, whether you search by task, industry or Xero’s own recommendations tailored to your business type and location.

Some of the apps are ‘add-ons’ created by Xero themselves, or ‘integrations’ created by a third party, but for you as a business owner, it simply means you have a wider range of tools to make Xero work in the way that is best for you.

Receipts and invoices

The days of collecting piles of papers to prove your bills and expenses are over. The majority of business expenses occur when you are away from your desk, so a simple app to scan and record your expenses means you can log all the details while you are on the go and then forget about it.

If you need to keep an eye on business expenses while you are away from the office, Xero lets you do that too. Xero already integrates with over 60 apps specifically designed to manage bills and expenses, so if you are using one already, it will probably work with Xero. If it is something you are new to, there are lots to choose from according to your business needs including industry specific expense management apps.


Want to know who is due to work tomorrow? Who has booked holiday leave? Maybe it is payday, and you want to be sure all your staff have been paid?

Payroll and HR apps can help you manage all this and more from wherever you are. These apps have the added benefit of keeping up to date with any changes to employment or tax regulations, so you know you are always working to the latest standards.

There are also apps which allow staff to log their own hours, update their personal details and see their payslips, conveniently from their phone.

As the apps integrate with Xero, all the information feeds into your central accounting information, saving time, paperwork and ensuring everyone is kept current.


From initial quotes to final bills, an invoicing and job management app will help you keep an eye on projects throughout the whole process. These are particularly good if you find yourself juggling paperwork while you are on the road, or if you have a team that often works remotely. 

However, if you spend most of your time at your desk and have multiple clients, apps can help there too, tracking how much time you spend working on each project and how much to invoice each client.

Some apps will even allow you to match up purchase orders, invoices and payments, all within the same system.

Data transfers

There are few of us who relish the thought of moving data from one place to another. As well as being time-consuming and dull, it increases the risk of errors in your accounts. You can avoid all of this with one of the data management apps, which will take your data, process it and send it to where it is needed within your Xero ecosystem.

This frees up time for you to analyse the data and work out the next steps for your business.

The power of Xero

With so many apps that work alongside Xero, this is just a glimpse of how Xero could make things easier and more efficient when it comes to managing your business.

The Xero software is well-regarded across the accountancy and business communities and is the software of choice for Xero Gold Champions, Purple Lime. 

While setting up Xero for your business is simple, Purple Lime can take the strain for you and advise you on the apps which could have the greatest impact on your business.

To find out more about how Xero accounting software can help your business and the most efficient ways to use it, get in touch with Purple Lime by emailing or calling on 01249 691360.