Swindon business confidence hits five year high as election year approaches

By Anita Jaynes on 14 December, 2014

Swindon businesses are heading into election year with confidence higher than ever, according to the yearly business confidence report from Regus, the global workplace provider.  Based on the views of business owners and senior managers across the city, the ninth edition of the Regus Business Confidence Index (BCI) – which is heavily based on actual performance over the last 12 months – reveals a 17 point rise from 116 points to 133.  This reflects the national trend; UK figures show a 7 point rise from 117 points to 124.

The results paint a picture of positivity and growth as Swindon gears up for the 2015 general election. The report reveals that over two thirds of the city’s businesses saw increases in both profits and revenues in the past year.

New ways of working are helping businesses to grow.  A third of Swindon businesses increased their flexible working options for staff over the past twelve months.

Richard Morris, UK Managing Director at Regus, comments: “Businesses in Swindon do not seem concerned with 2015 election uncertainty – far from it.  These are some of the most robust business confidence figures we’ve ever announced.

“Clearly, flexible ways of working – particularly in relation to the physical workspace – are playing a significant role in this UK success story. Companies are managing growth carefully, with many recognising that full-time, permanent office space with its associated long-term leasing is no longer the only option. Remaining agile helps business secure and retain top talent, and keeping overheads low is vital to sustainable business growth.”