Old Mill beats 200 UK firms to win prestigious cloud accounting award

By Anita Jaynes on 12 February, 2016

West Country accountants and business advisers Old Mill are celebrating after being named ‘Emerging Partner of the Year’ at the Xerocon Awards in London on Tuesday.

Xero offers a real-time accounting software solution for small businesses which includes a variety of features that in many ways are life-changing for the small business owner. Indeed, these life changing features were recognised by Forbes, which has named Xero the “World’s most innovative growth company” in both 2014 and 2015.

Old Mill have been working with Xero since 2014, setting up their own clients with the software when they feel it could really benefit their businesses.

More than 200 Xero partners entered the ‘Emerging Partner of the Year Award’; Old Mill were named the winners thanks to their “commitment to deliver an increasing number of value added services to their clients and improving their business performance.”

Stacey Morrison, an Old Mill manager and chartered accountant who specialises in financial technology and who has been leading the Xero project, says the ‘beautiful accountancy’ approach has already made a huge impact on many of Old Mill’s clients:

“In the UK, only 41% of newly formed small businesses survive their first five years, but for small businesses that use Xero that level rises massively to 88%; this is down to the far better financial management information available to users of Xero. So, by advising our clients to adopt Xero, we are giving them that vital extra functionality that helps future proof their businesses and we are delighted that our work has been recognised with this award.”

Stacey points out that Xero have enjoyed massive growth over the last few years and now have over 600,000 subscribers in over 180 countries. This is a clear indication of how popular and valuable their technology is proving to be with business owners, and it is wonderful to know that Old Mill, as Xero’s Emerging Partner of the Year, are perfectly positioned to support Xero adopters in the South West.

“Winning this award is great for building the profile of what we think is a hugely valuable technology that could benefit 1000s of SMEs in the south west, but it also highlights the importance of Old Mill’s business advice. Almost half of small business owners choose to turn to their accountant for business advice.

“This makes accountants more than twice as popular as the next closest adviser (bank managers) and therefore we feel it is our responsibility to have access to the quality of data needed to provide the highest quality of advice. Xero is one of a number of tools that allows us to help our clients get the most out of their businesses and help them gain and retain a competitive edge.”

Ian Carlson, managing director concluded: “We are so proud of Stacey and the rest of our Xero team – they have worked really hard on the Xero project, and have already made a hugely positive difference to so many of Old Mill’s clients, so it is fantastic that this work has been recognised with such a prestigious national award.”

Pictured above from left to right: Old Mill winners Laura Day, Matt Phillips, James Gifford, Jude Bennett, Ian Carlson, Stacey Morrison & Kevin Whitmarsh.