Money played for laughs at launch of service for young professionals

By Anita Jaynes on 20 January, 2014
Financial services are not something usually associated with laughs, especially over the last six years. But a new business aimed at young professionals is being launched in Swindon this month – with a comedy night.
Money Savvy Mate, set up by Purton resident, Leanne Curtis, will be kicked off with an after-work party featuring Edinburgh Fringe comedy award winner Ivo Graham, and includes a free buffet and drink.
The business is aimed at young professionals who are, Leanne says, “hopeless with money but want to change.”
It’s a subscription service which appeals to people more used to the inside of a pub than a bank.
Leanne explains: “Money Savvy Mate helps those who earn a decent wage but wonder where it has gone at the end of the month – or earlier!
“The crunch comes at a big lifestyle change, and they realise they need a decent amount of capital – for a wedding, to start a family or to take a gap year or launch a new business, for example.
“They don’t know where to start because they are used to spending money not saving it.”
Leanne works with her clients to look at where their money is spent, how they can rein in their spending, and how best to save.
And because it appeals to people who don’t want to grow up, Money Savvy Mate keeps it light, fun, very ‘un-banky’, but still with excellent financial guidance and support.
“My clients may have got themselves into financial difficulties which look scary but are completely solvable. Money Savvy Mate can look at their options without the emotion that a supportive family member may show,” said Leanne.
The service is different to the usual one provided by an independent financial adviser or bank. As well as the usual phone and email contact, Money Savvy Mate dispenses sound advice via social media and has a client-only Facebook group to lend motivation support to resist spendthrift temptations.
In addition, says Leanne: “I don’t take commission on products sold, neither am I employed by a bank and restricted to their services. Money Savvy Mate is paid for by the client, so the only person I have a responsibility to, is my client. This means the guidance I give is tailored completely to them.”
Leanne talks more about why she set up Money Savvy Mate at
Money Savvy Mate is launched at a secret location in Swindon’s Old Town on Thursday 23 January, from 6.30pm. To join the guest list and receive details of the location, visit or