Invest in your understanding with Xero training

By Anita Jaynes on 12 April, 2021

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Learning is something that happens all through your life, especially as a business owner.

There is always something you will be looking to learn or expand your knowledge of, so you can implement it in your business. This will make things better for you, your customers and your bottom line. So, for your next learning investment, why not look at something which could improve your business at its core? Learning to further utilise your accounting platform could make a huge difference.

Why Should You Invest In Xero Training?

Xero can handle so many aspects of your business, that many business owners have barely scratched the surface of what the platform is capable of.

As well as making the daily, weekly and monthly accounting quicker and easier, there are lots of extra functions to make your life simpler and reveal details to help you keep your business on the right course. Some expert training will allow you to discover these hidden gems and how to use them in the most effective way for you. 

Some of the most under-used functions include the ability to check and reconcile your bank accounts quickly, identify your most profitable customers, track your sales across the year and manage invoicing. You can even use Xero to ‘test out’ scenarios, generating reports to show the impact that various changes would have on your business – all in one piece of software.

If you are investing in software to make running your business easier, it makes sense to take full advantage of all the services it can offer you.

Why Use Purple Lime For Xero Training?

Xero is what we do. We know what Xero software is capable of and have seen it transform businesses. 

All Purple Lime accounting services are based on Xero, and through proper training and use, businesses have made huge leaps as a result of making full use of the software they already use.

Xero is used by a whole range of sectors, with specialist tools for industries such as construction, retail and hospitality among others, and by businesses of just a few people to huge payrolls.

Purple Lime aims to support businesses to be the best they can, and we believe that a proper understanding of Xero can be a large part  of that. It allows you to record up to date information, access it whenever you want, wherever you are, and use the information to make informed decisions to grow your business.

Our Xero training can cover the whole Xero experience, from the initial investment and set-up, to an in-depth look at how to use Xero, what apps might work best for you and tips and tricks to get the best out of your data. Of course, we are here whenever you need us, so if you need a refresher, have a new team member to bring up to speed, or just want some extra advice, we are happy to provide that too. 

We know that business changes, so we are also happy to update your use of Xero to reflect changes in your business, or to stay up to date with the latest features. 

As Xero Gold Champion Partners, we have a team of expert accountants and trainers who can come to you or hold remote training sessions to fit in with what you need. We’ll also tailor our training to your specific aims and objectives, whether you are brand new to the world of Xero or an old hand. 

To find out more about Xero, how it could work for your business and how you can get even more out of it through our training, get in touch. Email us at or call 01249 691360.

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