Haines Watts launches strategic collaboration in key business disciplines

By Nick Batten on 1 May, 2024

One of Swindon’s most established accountancy and business advisory firms Haines Watts, has launched a new arm to its business – Haines Watts Employer Services

This collaboration with other local experts is aimed at supporting business clients beyond their financial health and wealth and also at bringing a range of additional services to Haines Watts’ clients and beyond. 

Mike Lloyd, Managing Partner of Haines Watts, Swindon said, “We’re delighted to launch this initiative which is a strategic partnership with other professionals that we, as a team, know, and trust. 

“In business, financial health and planning are critical to success. However, there are other important aspects to any business which may need exploring or improving as a business grows. 

“These partners can support our clients, within their specialist fields, to ensure all of the moving parts of any company are working well and in harmony.”

Haines Watts Employer Services will involve the following experts: 

Louise Skittrall of Robinson Grace Consultancy Ltd offers all aspects of HR including compliance, planning and training with Andrew Wilkinson who heads up health and safety services for Robinson Grace. 

Jason Parrington of JP IT Solutions offering IT Support services to the SME market, providing contracted support and advice to keep your business running smoothly including hardware, networks, telephony and Cloud hosting solutions.

Fiona Scott of Scott Media offering training and/or delivery of all services related to the discipline of public relations including media strategy, training, blogging, videography, social media support and podcasting. 

Mandy Paterson from Inspire offering Boardroom advisory services by matching and appointing suitable individuals as non-executive Board Members to companies that will benefit from their extensive business experience.

Nicki Kinton of Confident Cashflow offering credit control services to ambitious companies wanting to maximise the movement of cash positively through the business.

Nynke Hunter of Excellect offering insurances and programmes related to employee benefits. 

HR expert Louise Skittrall said, “We are delighted to join Haines Watts Employer Services, offering wider support to the organisations we work with through trusted strategic partners. It’s a natural progression for Robinson Grace Consultancy and great to extend our network of fellow professionals.” 

IT expert Jason Parrington commented, “I am looking forward to the collaboration and services this offering is providing. Coming together with other local experts to provide a hub for clients is a great way to showcase the support services they may not have thought about needing.” 

Mike Lloyd added, “In business, no one can stand still, the only constant is ‘change’ and these past few years have demonstrated that very, very clearly. As an accountancy practice, we are proud to lead the way and offer our clients support which goes that extra mile. In that lies success for us all.” 

For more information about Haines Watts Employer Services visit: https://www.hwca.com/accountants-swindon/hwes/

Pictured above: (front) Fiona Scott, Louise Skittrall, Michael Webb (of Haines Watts), Mandy Paterson, Rob Perks (also of Inspire). Back row, l to r, Jason Parrington, Nynke Hunter, Andrew Wilkinson and Mike Lloyd