Clearly – a good new business

By Anita Jaynes on 6 January, 2014

Swindon based firm AMS Accountancy is working with a new client Kathy Pyle, who, after spending years as a finance manager, has started her own business as part of the Clear Brew franchise network.

New to the Swindon area, Clear Brew provides a beer-line cleaning service for pubs, hotels, sports, social and golf clubs, in fact anywhere with a traditional bar.

Kathy said: “Anyone running a bar knows how much money is lost in the cleaning process, due to beer wastage (ullage) and the use of staff time. ”

“Clear Brew is a service which more than pays for itself by providing a 3 weekly cleaning program using portable equipment which keeps the lines clean, reduces waste and the use of gas.  Some places throw away as much as 50 pints a week, but with Clear Brew the wastage is only 17 weeks a year instead of the usual 52.”

Having worked in finance for so long she was struck by the huge advantages for users of this service.  Since qualifying after an intensive training course she is now taking on clients in Swindon and North Wiltshire.

AMS  Accountancy is helping Kathy by advising her on the business structure and casting a second pair of eyes on her plans.

“Ian (Ian Bell, Partner at AMS Accountancy Ltd.) asked me so many valid questions and seemed immediately immersed in my business scenario. The help and advice that I have received from AMS has been invaluable.” said Kathy

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