Ask AMS: What expenses can I claim through my company on top of mileage while I’m working away?

By Anita Jaynes on 25 March, 2019

AMS is a Swindon-based accountancy practice, specialising in supporting SMEs and contractors. In this column, Peter Bromiley, partner at AMS discusses what you can claim when away on business.

Generally, if you stay away overnight, you can claim for the actual costs of the accommodation and a meal on top of your mileage.  You can also claim Incidental Overnight Expenses, (receipts not needed) these are not necessarily business expenses but items such as toothpaste, telephone calls to family etc. up to £5 per night in the UK and £10 outside the UK.

As an alternative to claiming the actual cost of meals, you can claim benchmark scale rates that depend on the hours you spent away from home (£5 for one meal when away for at least 5 hours; £10 for two meals when away for at least 10 hours; £15 leaves work after 8pm and has to buy an evening meal travelling home).

Peter Bromiley ACA AMS Accountancy Ltd

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