Are you aware of Research & Development tax relief?

By Anita Jaynes on 30 August, 2018

Martin Gurney at Haines Watts Swindon discusses research and development in business.

Looking to the future of business, this government has shown a commitment to innovation through research and development.

It was recently announced that up to 2.4 per cent of GDP would go into this over the next ten years. Part of this investment will be R&D tax relief or, as it’s sometimes called, tax credit. 

Many businesses can apply for this tax relief although awareness of that fact is poor. However it’s very important to take advice around it says Martin Gurney, tax partner at Haines Watts Chartered Accountants in Swindon.


“Firstly to ensure that the available relief is maximised and secondly to ensure that only allowable expenditure is claimed.

“It is also important not to fall foul of rules that state that receiving grant funding which qualifies as “notifiable state aid” will potentially result in the reduction in (as well as the clawing back of previously received) R&D tax relief.

“There are many business owners who don’t consider R&D tax relief because they believe it’s only suitable for research based businesses – in other words it’s only suitable for businesses where staff wear lab coats!

“That’s simply not the case.  For example, we have a client that designs, builds and installs ramping systems for disabled access, together with other related products

“They didn’t think R&D tax relief could possibly apply to their business – however we suggested that there was potentially relief available and arranged a meeting with our specialist R&D Team.

“The key is that any activity which “seeks to attain appreciable improvement to products, services or processes” can qualify. In any sector.  

“We worked with the client and our R&D Team to identify the activity and related expenditure that would qualify for the relief. Over the past few years claims have been submitted  annually and  rebates received which have been re-invested to continue development.

“We have invested recently in a series of animated videos on this subject, in order to help get the message out to UK business owners that are missing out on this valuable relief. You can find it on our website, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds”

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