What drives your online marketing ROI?

By Anita Jaynes on 8 July, 2015

TBE contributor Juliet Platt is a b2b Case Study Writer, specialising in website copy, content, customer testimonials and case studies. She asks the questions you’ve never been asked about your business to get to the heart of your message. And she expertly crafts the content that’s going to make the most sense to your prospects.

In this post, Juliet asks: “What drives your online marketing ROI?

There is no question that every business needs an online presence. And any business wanting to get ahead of its competitors needs a sound marketing strategy, including the use of social media to raise your business profile, make connections and identify target prospects.

However business owners need to have a clear understanding that it is not necessarily the technology that demands the most investment. You are not going to convert prospects just by having a domain name and a landing page.

Any bricks and mortar retailer knows that getting customers through the door is only part of the story. Once people visit you want to be able to present them with something that makes their time with you worthwhile – both for them and for you.

The stark truth is that websites can be designed two a penny. However, it takes time, effort and investment to develop and market the content that will engage your prospects and persuade them to forge a relationship with your business.

Business owners need to avoid being blinded by technology. This is not the area of internet marketing that requires the most investment any more. Talk to any year 6 primary school pupil and they could probably set you up a serviceable website in minutes. If you are looking for something fairly unsophisticated, the platform for your business site is readily available.

But just ticking the website box isn’t going to do much to attract flocks of visitors to your virtual shop doorway. It’s now necessary to make that website work for your business – and a major way to achieve this is to stock it with the right kind of content that will appeal to your target market. This needs to be handled with care. It is your content marketing ROI that needs to be monitored, as it is likely to be your biggest investment, whether carried out in-house or outsourced to a professional.

ROI starts with traffic. Just make sure you’re not sending it to a dead-end.

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