Technology and the modern office

By Anita Jaynes on 4 April, 2016

Today’s workplace is being transformed by the role of modern technology. Here are some key trends to consider when reviewing your office space.

Adaptable furniture
Workspace is the second highest expense for business and utilising space is essential. Companies want room to grow and expand, but don’t want to pay for space that goes unused. Therefore adaptable furniture is a popular choice.

Activity-based design

Office space is being designed to combine the two main needs of employees, collaborative working and the need for increased privacy. These two can’t work together in the same space, so set zones are often created otherwise known as ‘work pods’, providing a quiet space in an open plan office.
Many companies are embracing monitor arms that let people turn and share their screen with others nearby, as well as tables with built-in touchscreens which enable people to collaborate on projects in real-time.

Designing for well-being

A key design trend is creating an office space that promotes health and well-being including factors such as air, water, light, fitness, comfort and the mind. Sit-stand desks are being introduced in some forward thinking companies in an attempt to reduce back, neck and shoulder issues. An increasing number of employers will begin to look at this option as musculoskeletal pain often results in absences and presenteeism. Studies have also pointed to positive effects such as relieving stress and increased productivity.

Integrated technology

Furniture that allows a quick set-up and connection is high priority. Wireless charging is set to take off this year with rumours that the next iPhone could be loaded with this benefit.

Calne based Elm Workspace work across the UK on commercial interior design. Projects director Nick Clarke gave TBE his insight into the industry.

“The trend in the modern digital office is changing at a fast rate where soft furnishings and collaborative working areas replace traditional meeting rooms. “In fact, the last three office fit out projects for Elm Workspace clients have been totally devoid of data wiring. A total wireless office including telephone systems as well as the computer installations allow the workload to be carried out anywhere, just by touching down in a space.

“Office flexibility or agile working includes video conferencing to connect work colleagues, avoiding lengthy travel costs between sites. Work does not always happen at a desk in the modern office, so use your imagination and inspire your business by calling one of Elm’s consultants to get started!”

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