Swindon’s O’Brien Media urges local businesses to join workplace disability scheme

By Nick Batten on 13 July, 2022

The team at Swindon-based website digital design agency O’Brien Media is proud to recognise and promote Disability Pride Month – a yearly event in July that increases awareness of disability as an identity and how it affects people and the community.

Having been a Disability Confident Leader since August 2021, O’Brien Media ensures it champions disability in the local community. Having team members that have disabilities is something that is important to the company, and it aims to educate others through encouraging them to partake in the government-led ‘Disability Confident’ Scheme.

The ‘Disability Confident’ scheme supports employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to the workplace. Disability Confident is creating a movement of change, encouraging employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people.

Being ‘Disability Confident’ is a unique opportunity for firms to lead the way in their communities, and possibly discover someone their business cannot do without.

It was developed by employers and disabled people’s representatives to make it rigorous but easily accessible, particularly for smaller businesses.

Camilo Pires, Inclusion Officer at O’Brien Media, said, “As someone who is disabled myself, working for an organisation that promotes disability confidence and events such as Disability Pride Month, really makes me feel valued as an individual.”

Chris Grant, Senior Designer and Lead Developer at O’Brien Media, added, “We are proud to be Disability Confident Leaders, and proud to champion inclusion in the workplace when it comes to individuals with disabilities of all kinds.

“We believe that when it comes to inclusion all businesses should go that extra mile and provide a workplace that is accessible to all, and Disability Pride Month is the perfect time to look at your HR processes and identify where you can make changes to accommodate those with disabilities.”

If you are a business, O’Brien Media urges you to join the scheme so that the working world is fair for all regardless of someone’s particular needs.

The professional web design team at O’Brien media has over 15 years developing websites and digital marketing solutions for small businesses and multi-nationals. It also offers services in social media marketing as well as e-commerce.

You can find more details about the scheme here.

Pictured above: (left to right) Chris Grant, Senior Designer and Lead Developer and Camilo Pires, Inclusion Officer for O’Brien Media