Starting out in business is ‘Oh Sew Wonderful’

By Anita Jaynes on 12 November, 2014

Natalie Uff a Wiltshire mum with two children has turned one of her lifetime passions into a new business.

Natalie had loved sewed since secondary school and always wanted to continue with it, however having a full time job as a paralegal officer and studying for an Open University degree in psychology, left her little time to pursue it.

After having her kids Natalie decided to take redundancy to be at home more for them. It was then that she bought a new sewing machine and booked herself into a workshop to improve her sewing skills whilst the children were at school and nursery.

“Attending this workshop  gave me a huge amount of satisfaction and I soon began making bags for friends and family. It didn’t take long before others were asking me to make bags for them too, and I decided to start my business Oh Sew Wonderful” said Natalie.

Natalie continued: “Since starting my business a few months ago I have been making bags, purses, make up bags and cosmetic purses amongst other things. Interest in my products is building slowly through advertising on social media sites Facebook (Oh Sew Wonderful), Twitter (@ohsewwonderful) and Instagram (@ohsewwonderful).

Starting up a business and looking after a family is a huge juggling act but I am loving every second of it!.”