New marketing agency launches with a difference

By Anita Jaynes on 28 April, 2018

Wiltshire trio, Helen Forsyth, Richard Forsyth and Naomi Knight have teamed up and launched The Strategic Agency, the first marketing agency to solely use teams of creative freelancers to service clients.

The founders of the freelance network Find a Creative Pro, have joined forces with design director, Naomi Knight, to form the first full service marketing agency from Wiltshire, which solely manages creative freelancers. With a core team of handpicked freelancers and a database of experts, the agency strategically positions creatives to fulfil specific marketing needs, as a managed service.

Co-founder Richard Forsyth said: “The launch of this agency is the natural next step on from our freelancer database, Find a Creative Pro. We’ve put together a core team of independent creatives that we rely on and when a client requires a very specific creative skill, we also have our own database of freelancers. For example, we might need an illustrator whose specialism is drawing fauna or perhaps, an animation specialist. We don’t compromise – we find the best people for the task. We start by making sure the marketing strategy is aligned to the client’s business goals and then source and vet the talent to achieve those aims.”

Talent unlimited

Creative solutions can be sourced for the agency’s clients from a vast array of professional creatives as Find a Creative Pro has a great number of high quality freelancers on the books, skilled in a range of disciplines.

“Usually in agencies you are limited to the office team and so skills outside that team are sourced from freelancers, on the quiet. We are here to champion and value the freelancers and to use them in a coordinated way to deliver outstanding results,” added Helen Forsyth. “We look at the business first, to see where new opportunities can be made, using tried and tested methods to get to the heart of a client’s sales strategy. We use marketing as a sales tool and focus on the best talent to get the job done.”

Fully virtual office

The agency supports and champions flexible working, with freelancers scheduling hours to suit and often working remotely, using digital tools for tracking and communications – including Skype for meetings and software like toggl to track workload.

“The gig economy is growing and with the information and communication technology available, it will continue to grow. The Strategic Agency is ahead of the game as a fully virtual, well connected marketing agency,” said Naomi Knight. “Our power comes from being flexible, agile and by having so many creatives we have gotten to know. We provide that boost to business development, using the best independent creatives available. We manage the process and we are there to see every client achieve business growth as a main aim.”

The Strategic Agency has accumulated several clients, even before launch.

“People get it and feel excited about it. They don’t need to force a fit with a fixed service, in the usual model. We work out the client’s exact needs and adapt to them effortlessly,” added Naomi Knight.

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