Bradford on Avon couple launch free, new recruitment service for creatives

By Anita Jaynes on 9 June, 2016

A new recruitment website has been launched by a Wiltshire based company where professional creative freelancers can join for free and businesses can search for them for free.

The service is a new concept for freelance recruitment. A norm for website recruitment models involves fees as standard for joining or for businesses searching, or use of a bidding system which drives the payment for the work down. Find a Creative Pro can be engaged with for free and is more akin to a match-making website – where freelancers can be viewed and contacted if they have the appropriate skills for a project.

Focusing on talent, not fee

Find a Creative Pro is run by husband and wife team, Helen and Richard Forsyth from Bradford on Avon, who themselves are professional freelancers in the creative industry. Helen is a marketing specialist, whilst Richard is commissioned as a writer and PR manager.

“We are changing the perspective of freelancer sites by saying that bidding down for work is not the best way to get the talent your business needs. Businesses register but do not pay a fee for looking for their perfect writer, designer, web developer or anyone in the creative industry. If the right freelancer is sourced for a job then negotiations over payment and terms are between the business and the freelancer,” said Helen.

Richard added: “When we were developing the website we talked to freelancers about what they wanted. Some said there are many websites that demand sign up fees and they felt that they still needed a personal website even if they had joined freelancer databases. So we listened and we have facilitated on the one hand, a free sign up on the website for a basic account and secondly if someone wants to really showcase their work we have a package where they can do that – showing projects they have worked on in detail. The second option acts more like a personal website, where you can really show off a lot of content.”

A high pedigree of freelancer

The new hub is attracting freelancers from around the world including prominent artists and authors of bestselling books.

“The great thing is that we are attracting a high pedigree of freelancer. There is one author on the site who I am personally a big fan of – so we’ve definitely got the right message out, that this is ideal for talented people,” said Helen

Permanent jobs in the creative industries can also be posted on the website to engage with those looking for employment.

Freelancers who want to join the network or businesses that are looking for freelancers can register here:

Pictured above: Richard and Helen Forsyth, founders of Find a Creative Pro