Milk & Tweed updates online self-check tool for national breast cancer awareness charity

By Nick Batten on 29 November, 2023

Young peoples’ breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! has worked with Wiltshire creative agency Milk & Tweed to update its online checking tool, The Self-Checkout. 

The charity, set up by twins Kris and Maren Hallenga in 2009 after Kris was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer aged 23, aims to educate young people aged 18 to 24, on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and make chest checking part of their regular routine. 

CoppaFeel! came up with the idea for a self-check education tool, available through its website, to take young people through a chest checking routine, and what to do if they find anything unusual. It also allows them to set up a monthly checking reminder to follow up. 

CoppaFeel! PR and Marketing Manager Poppy Brady said, “There are many misconceptions of breast cancer, and one that we see often is that it’s a disease that only affects older women, but that isn’t the case. So Kris and Maren started a charity to try and combat the inequalities in healthcare and provision. 

“The self-checkout itself was created as a way of helping young people to learn how to check themselves. Having open conversations about chest checking helps to normalise adding it to your routine. We know that young people can be fearful of what might happen if they notice something different to their normal, but we are here to ensure everyone is educated so they are in the right position to seek medical advice if they feel they need to.” 

CoppaFeel! was set up by twins Kris and Maren Hallenga in 2009 after Kris was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer aged 23

The charity carried out extensive research with young people to understand how they used the self-checkout and what could be improved to make the user journey as easy as possible. It then worked with Milk & Tweed’s designers at its Huxley studio in Brighton to make it more engaging and user-friendly. The agency, which specialises in website, branding and logo design and digital marketing, developed new branding, a smooth user journey and new ways to provide inclusive and accessible chest-checking information. 

Becca Yates, the charity’s Digital Marketing Executive, worked closely with Milk & Tweed’s Huxley team. She said, “Our education team and marketing team worked with the team at Huxley who were able to bring their digital first expertise. It was great to come together to ensure that young people’s wants and needs for chest-checking was at the forefront of the self-checkout revamp.” 

“We want to continue to improve the self-checkout as we learn more about our users and how we can continue to promote regular chest-checking among young people.” 

Becca added that working with Milk & Tweed had been a positive experience, describing the process as “super collaborative and really empowering.”

Liz Ide, Head of Operations at Milk & Tweed’s Huxley office, said, “CoppaFeel! are a dream client to work with so it was a pleasure to undertake a big project like this with them. We redesigned and developed the site and then the important self-checkout tool and we are delighted with the result. 

“I’m really proud of the team and hope that CoppaFeel! reach their audience to deliver their vital message more easily as a result.” 

See the self-checkout at Find out more about Milk & Tweed’s services at its offices in Chippenham and Brighton at 

Pictured: (top of page)The new CoppaFeel! Self Checkout