Manuli Packaging bubbling with excitement for arts project

By Anita Jaynes on 3 November, 2013

Manuli Packaging, the worlds largest individual producer of stretch film, are celebrating their 20th year of operation, and contacted Wiltshire College with the offer of a competition using their Cush-n-Air Bubble Wrap manufactured on site in Corsham.

Programme Leader for Extended Diploma Art and Design, Helen Chivers, was overjoyed at the opportunity to give students a chance to conduct an art project with such an unusual material.

“The Manuli Bubble Wrap project was a fantastic opportunity for the students, offering a dynamic start to their term and a challenging launch in to their final specialist year.”

Karen Wilcox, Sales and Commercial Manager at Manuli said “We have never done anything like this before and we see it as a great opportunity to engage with the local community and we have been amazed at the fantastic pieces of work the art students have created with either the bubble wrap itself or the concept of bubble wrap”

Manuli Packaging put up four prize vouchers, awarded to the students with the winner’s being chosen by the Lecturers, the Department Manager, Manuli Packaging and the students themselves.

Whilst every piece was amazing in its own right the winning piece chosen by Manuli was created by Rosina Brewer as she highlighted the historical origins of bubble wrap as wallpaper. (In 1957 two inventors named Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes were attempting to create 3-dimensional plastic wallpaper. Although the idea was a failure, they found that it did make for greatpacking material.)