Logistics firm sees 130 per cent rise in web traffic after Wiltshire creative agency revamps site content

By Nick Batten on 5 September, 2023

The last thing an international road, sea and air freight company usually wants to see is an increase in traffic, but AGI Global Logistics is celebrating a 130 per cent rise in website visitors after having its website content revitalised by Wiltshire creative agency Milk & Tweed

Fast-growing AGI, which is based in Bristol and now has 18 offices across the UK and in Europe, began working with the Chippenham agency to help cement a rapid growth in business last summer. 

The company, which employs more than 200 people in the UK, Amsterdam and Oslo, offers road freight across the UK and Europe, air and sea freight, an express courier service, storage and distribution services, and customs clearance – something that has been even more in demand since Brexit.

AGI Marketing Manager Chris Clarke explained that the company wanted to make more of its digital footprint to help make the most of its office openings, the services offered, as well as meeting the post-Brexit challenge, and AGI tasked Milk & Tweed with increasing its web traffic throughout 2023.

“We were typically getting around 50,000 visitors a year, so we set a target of 70,000 for 2023,” he said. 

“At the halfway point in the year, we had already had over 56,000 visitors so we revised the target to 95,000 – and we are on course to eclipse that as well with a 140 per cent rise in users. We are performing brilliantly in Google searches, often ranking as number one, and our website content has massively evolved, both in terms of quality and quantity.” 

Milk & Tweed’s Digital Marketing Account Manager, Meg Fenner-Jamieson, said, “There’s a lot more uncertainty since Brexit so we have analysed the search terms around freight and logistics to come up with relevant articles. We have a really good understanding of what Google wants to see so we have been combining what AGI’s customers are searching for with what works for Google to make sure what we write is relevant to both. It’s about finding that sweet spot.” 

AGI, which has taken on an additional 80 employees and opened seven new offices since the start of 2022, believes its website is an important factor in its growth. 

Chris continued, “Having educational pieces on our website gives our customers and potential customers reason to come back to it and conveys the fact we are experts in the sector. People come to us for our experience and expertise in helping them get a package from A to B and we are delivering that.” 

He added, “I can genuinely say they [Milk & Tweed] are the best agency I have worked with. We have a fantastic relationship with the team and we get a detailed review every month so we have complete confidence in them. The results we are seeing speak for themselves.” 

AGI has opened offices in Felixstowe, Derby, London, Amsterdam, Manchester and Southampton during 2022, with an office in Leeds also opening in June 2023.

Pictured: (top of page) Milk & Tweed Digital Marketing Account Manager Meg Fenner-Jamieson with AGI Marketing Manager Chris Clarke, centre, and Milk & Tweed Creative Director Jake Jeffries